T-Formex Weight (actual)

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere (I looked). After a good thrashing in a class II rapid a few years back, I’ve come to think a less aggressive whitewater canoe may be adviseable. Since I live far from any paddle shops, I was only now able to put my hands on a T-Formex boat. The Esquif Pocket Canyon and Wenonah Wilderness I checked out (yes I know they are quite different) seemed heavier than their published weights. Of course I didn’t have a scale handy but each salesperson agreed that T-Formex boats seemed heavier than the previous Royalex versions. Wondering if anyone has weighed their T-Formex boat and compared with spec. Just looking for weight info here, not boat recomendations. Thanks in advance.

They are definitely heavier than Royalex was, but there’s a trade-off in greater hull stiffness. Rx was wonderful stuff, but oil canning was a major concern in shallow arch boats. In our experience, TF is much stiffer, though at a weight penalty.

I find some of the published weights to be…optimistic, let’s say, but light weight isn’t the reason to buy a TF design; impact durability and price relative to other high durability layups would be the rationale.