Tackle Box?

Tonight I went out fishing from my kayak for the first time. I must love it because I never got a bite, RAN OVER my tackle box with the car, and still had huge fun out there.

So… what do you guys use for holding your tackle in your kayaks? I’m in a Pungo 140. My dead box was a Bass Pro Shops small blue soft case. It held four trays. Seemed way too big in the cockpit to me. Any better ideas?



Ithaca, NY

Go light!
Hi Diane,

I fish a Pungo Angler 12. I keep a 12"x4" double sided Penn tackle tray that costs around $5 filled with lures for whatever I’m targeting, and it has all I need. I only have a specific “fishing box” because it was a holiday gift. To do the effective cheap route, I go to Target or the dollar store and get plastic trays that have lids and compartments for $1-2 dollars and fill each with certain things, then take what I need. Saves space, is waterproof, and easily accessible. Best of luck, let us know if you find something good!

Pungo tackle box
I use two inexpensive Planos, one for salt water and one for fresh. They’re the kind that are double sided with clear panels so that you can see what is inside. The salt water box is about 12"x15" and the freshwater one is smaller, but either will hold more than enough stuff for the typical outing. The clear sides are great because you can see what you need without having to open up and fumble around while on the water. I can easily stow either of them behind my seat, in the cockpit in front of me, or on top of the half skirt of my Pungo 140. Like all of my other gear, I keep some type of strap on it to keep it secured to the boat.

Plastic boxes
I too use the double sided Plano plastic boxes. I carry 2-4 in a small crate behind my seat. I carry crankbaits in one, spinners in another, plastic and led head jigs in a third. If I’m live bait fishing I carry a smaller one that has hooks, sinkers and slip bobbers in it.

When fly fishing I use a small fanny pack that holds 3 flyboxes, leader, tippet, floatant,etc.

At home …
I have two suitcase size tackle boxes, one for fresh and one for salt. To take in the yak I have a Plano double sided box like those ^ guys (12x7x4?) for fresh water but I use a Flambeau Quickdraw tackle system (12x8x8?)for salt. It has three med/sm plastic boxes and one x-small box. It only runs about $15 and fits between my knees readily enough.

For the wife and kiddo I’ve fixed each up with their own Plano double sided boxes (fresh and salt) (12x7x3?).

All of these get restocked from the suitcases as needed.

6x10 Plano waterproof
I carry a clear, 6x10" Plano box that is allegedly waterproof. It fits in a military surplus fanny pack that also holds sunscreen, bug dope, a small sponge, a tiny fly box, pliers (when I remember the darned things), and an empty orange juice can for…uh…bailing. I usually have a bag of Berkley power baits in the bottom, which double nicely as “live bait” when the fish get picky.

When I boat-fished I had the huge, cantilever-trayed Plano, until my fishing buddy called me a space-waster. Then I realized I caught most of my fish on 4-6 lures in different colors or sizes, and pared down to the minimums. If I go to new water I’ll throw in 5-10 extra lures or an extra box, but bass everywhere seem to eat the same things consistently.

Tackle Boxes
I use smaller boxes or water tight boxes. I carry them in a surplus nylon gas mask bag.


Tackle Boxes
I wear a Sterns inflatable fishing vest with most my tackle in the vest . This allows me to wade outside my kayak. I also carry an REI net bag with extra fly boxes, leatherman tool, fish stringer, paddle leash, kayak spounge, scotty flyrod holder and a 20 ounce Oakland Raider’s flexible plastic cup for bailing and other liquid conflicts (smile).