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OK…so I am usually the one giving advice to fellow paddlers. However, in this case, I am fairly clueless. I need somebody to help me catch some trout next weekend.

I paddle a ton and last year spent most of my time paddling but not fishing. Well this year, I want to fish a lot more and make my wife proud by bringing home my limit of trout.

I have fished from my kayak in the past but have had very little luck catching anything. I am looking for advice on building my tackle box so that it is filled properly for kayaking on lakes, fishing for trout and other assorted fish in Utah.

I do have some bubbles (bobbers), weights, hooks, a few lures, a few flies, swivles, some power bait, a stringer and net. I throw out a line and I fish but the only thing I catch is the breeze.

So…please tell me. What do I need in my tackle box? Any advice on what I should be doing? Please help me catch some fish.



What kind of rod do you use?
Fly rod, spinning rod, spin cast rod?

I can’t speak for Utah but I trout fish in Missouri with an ultra light spinnng rod and these are the lures I especially find work well:

Small in line spinners (Rooster Tails, small Mepps, small Panther Martins all in 1/32 to 1/8oz.)

Mepps spin flies (Cabelas carries these) in 1/12 oz.

Small Rapalas in silver or black and gold (about 1/12 - 2 " length)

What waters are you fishing?
Different waters require different tackle and tactics.

I have found with Trout to get as LIGHT A LINE as possible. I rarely fish with more than 4 Lb test, and prefer 2 Lb. (Silver Thread has an excellent line for this.)

Also, get as small of hooks as possible (14 or 16 work best, though occasionally 12 or 18 are good too) and use small split shot for weight… go without if possible.

Are the fish planted hatchery fish? Use the power bait (As small a piece of bait as a pea), on a small treble (Size 14), and put a single split shot about 1 ft up the line from the hook. The watch the line for sudden movements.


Thanks for the help…

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The trout are stocked at most of the places I paddle so this would be a good general rule of thumb.

My rod is an open face spin caster but I am not opposed to purchasing a new one. I typically cast only a short a distance from the boat and let the bobber float.

I am open to purchasing whatever necessary to help catch some fish this weekend. I appreciate the assistance.

We have excellent tackle stores here with huge selection (including Cabelas).


Mike - if it’s legal in your area, try a small hook with a big fat nightcrawler. Cast it out on light line (8lbs test or less) with no bobber, and wait. When you see the line shoot out, pull back and you have a fish. This tried and true method has taken thousands of trout, and once you get the hang of it, you will start to know what to look for and use artificials as well. Lot’s of luck, no teacher is better than time on the water.

there is a reason it’s called 'fishing’
not ‘catching’.

Being out there is the thing, enjoy your time on the water.

I agree
Nothing is nicer than the time on the water. However, I love trout and we are looking to cook some fish while we are at the lake. Thus, catching does become part of the whole event.

I am heading over to the store tomorrow to pick up some tackle for Sunday. Fishing and Kayaking on Father’s Day…does it get any better?


Kayak Trout
I am an avid trout fisherman, using my kayak most of the time. I use an ultralight spinning rig when fishing out of the kayak. I’ve had good luck with small spinners and spoons, small jigs and flies fished both wet and dry. For dry flies you need a casting bubble if you don’t already have one. Spinners and flies work good when the trout are shallow, deep water fishing you’ll need your spoons and jigs. Jigs work pretty good when they are hanging out right on the bottom. Of course, worms also work…the secret is to inject them with air so they float just off the bottom where cruisiing trout can find them.

No problem
Fish all you like.

Stop at Costco on the way home to pick up some trout.

Throw away the packaging.


Sorry, but I’m the last guy in the world who should give advice on catching trout.

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trout ya say…
come on over…got a freezer full from yesterdays outing!