Tacoma Rack options?

Have a 2005 Tacoma Double Cab with the 6’ bed. Trying to get a rack system worked out. Here’s where I’m at so far.

1- Leer cap with Thule racks and will still need a third bar on the truck cab for stem clearance.

2- Two bars on the cab, 43" between crossbars.

3- Single bar on the cab with a hitch mounted bar.

4- Single bar on the cab with a Thule rack in the bed attached to the Tacoma bed rail system.

5- Homemade rack freestanding in the bed.

Any feedback on any of the above systems or did I miss something?

Thanks, Mike

Rack Spacing

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I have a 2001 Toyota Double Cab with 39 inches between the Yakima crossbars. Its been up there almost 4 years with many interstate miles on it with no problems.

I do use bow and stern tie downs on my kayaks when traveling longer distances.

If you need more info, let me know.


1990 Toyota Pickup with shell
Shell has a rack on it about 6ft of rack spacing. I would not put a bar on the cab and shell as they move independently and could stress your boat.

Look into the T-Rac. Clamps on, no drilling - rock solid. See pics of mine at http://www.thistleback/.net/kayaking.html


AKA Paula

1994 D Cab with Thule racks .
I have the front door rack and the bed rack and they work fine. I would recommend getting the back door rack(different towers) and the bed rack because some boats turned on their sides hit the roof with the front door rack.

One option you’re missing…
Thule Xsporter


Same as Tripp
and I been to see him a few times. I must have close to 5000 miles carrying my Kayak/s ,and never a problem. Mine are on an 04 Toyota Dbl cab,and clamp into the internal rain gutters under the top of the door. My combined 2 kayak hauling is 105 lbs. Go for the 64" bars to get 2 wide kayaks,or 2 canoes. If you are tall you have to watch you head,but for me it’s no problem. Hully rollers don’t seem to stay put,and roll on the round bars. I use cheap foam blocks that slide over bars,and like I said, no problem.Bow & stern lines a must for high speed driving.


Hey Mike, I am glad to see you bought a Quality truck. You will like it I love mine.

Happy Paddling billinpa

Thanks all
Nothing new but thanks for the input on what is working.

Bill, this is my 4th Toyota truck, and second Tacoma. My last 97 hard a very hard abusive life off roading, and still was giving good service at just under 200k. But it was showing the signs, and the new 6’bed double cab was calling. Good choice… yep.

Will need the 78" bars, need to get three solo canoes on top. I know 3 boats won’t happen on a 43" bar spread on the double cab, but should be possible with a longer strech from the hitch or a cap to the cab.

It was mentioned not to put bars on the truck cab and on a cap, because of the flex. To haul canoes this may be the only way. I don’t think the bars alone on the cap will provide enough clearance between the stem of the canoe and the roof of the truck? Anyone haul canoes on a cab high cap?

The T-rac system is not available for 2005 or

newer Taco’s.