tadem kayak

I’d like to know from people who use tandem kayaks, which brand and model they prefer the best and why. Which one is better SOT type or sit in type. I’m planning on using it on river and streams that head near the coast line. Thanks

What part of the country?
In the Pacific northwest, one might opt for sit-in kayaks (like those used at protests) for the added warmth. But in Florida, sit-ins can sometimes be awful warm, and SOTs are nice for the option of taking a cooling swim and climbing back on.

There are a few pretty fast SOT tandems, but many are kinda pokey.

So give us more detail on what you want to do. I’m sure folks here can help.

Be carefull
doubles that work well in streams would be a disaster on any ocean or a great lake.

We use glass boats southwind i think was the name on the last one i used.