Tag Along Kayak Trailer for Bicycle

Does anyone know of anybody that makes a kayak trailer or tag-along that is specifically designed for pulling behind a bicycle?? My wife and I want to be able to pull our kayaks along improved off-road trails to what would otherwise be very tiring launch sites to hand-carry or hand-pull a 30-40lb kayak plus stuff.


Kayak bicycle trailers.

Spine-frame Bicycle Trailers

People around the Skokie lagoons use these and they are very stable.

Take a look

This is a swedeish site so all is in swedish but the pictures is good.

ok follow this path:

  1. www.andersj.se
  2. click here " Läs mer här >> "
  3. click here " kajakhållare til cykel "

    This system is very nice and simpel.

    please contact me if you need help reading swedish.

    Good luck


Bike/Kayak trailer
Paddleboy makes one. MSRP $275. Saya it will hold up to 75 lbs and their rep told me that 16 footers will fit.

Great link!
The bikes at work site is a great resource for trailers. I use a BOB trailer for bike camping, and would consider one of their spine trailers for hauling kayaks if I needed one.



Tag Along Kayak Trailer for Bicycle
I know someone on Vancouver Island who makes excellent kayak trailers–Tony Hoar.


I’ve pulled a loaded kayak behind my bike using this unit, and it rides beautifully. Excellent tracking, low rolling resistance and really easy to set up. Each one is hand-made and the attention to detail is obvious.

I have three other of Tony’s trailers–a grocery-getter, a larger cargo trailer and a single-wheeler. Love them. Yeah, I’m a fan.

Allan Dunlop


hills are a beetch

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Pulling a yak and trailer uphill is a lesson in physics .. (and a display of how little power our legs really have)

... downhill ? ... just remember to not let the speed grow ... keep it slow all the way down.
... the (prox) 100#'s of trailer and yak will be all too happy to push you all over the place.
- (including directions you are NOT pointed in - if you know what I mean)

I've towed my yak and trailer bout 30 miles this summer ... (10 - 3 mile trips?)
... made my own trailer.
3 miles towing - 20 minutes?
3 miles pushing - 50 min (same trailer)

- if you search the archives here for 'bicycle trailer' .. it should turn up a few threads about it.

Bicycle Tag along Trailer - kayaks
Thanks all for the information – much appreciated. Some great ideas and referrals.


Bicycle Tag along Trailer - kayaks: sale
if someone interested, I have a “pb flyer” from Paddleboy.com to sale.

It’s a trailer to fit on a bike to tow a kayak or canoe…very good price like 50% off.