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Hi Everyone

I’ve come across a Tahe Mari 31 and a Tahe Mari 41 for sale for $1100 each used. Does anyone have any experence with these?

All I could get from the manufacture web site was basic specs. Both are 510cm long, 56cm wide and weigh 23kg. the Mari 31 has a 71x38cm cockpit and has a rounded hull; claims to be fast. The Mari 41 has a 78x43cm cockpit with a V hull and hard chine. Both appear to be made of somthing NOT roto-plastic. Made in Estonia, since 1990, sold mostly in Scandanavia.

It’s a long drive to test paddle but will depending on what I can find out from here and other sources.

I’m looking to trade up from my Carolina, I’m 5’11, mostly in the legs, 210lbs, size 12 feet. I would use these on the Great Lakes.

Thanks for any info



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Hi Terry,

I bet I know who's selling them. Email me if these are from my site or from Lutsen.

They're made from fiberglass. It's pretty standard fiberglass layup, you can read more about it here: http://www.eastpole.ee/main.php?id=production&lang=en&sub=specs

The Mari-31 is going to be a little less stable than your Carolina, and much much faster. It picks up a wave without even have to think about it. I found that when I was paddling one I'd have to actually fake paddling much of the time or the people I was out with would think I wasn't paddling and slow done. I've found them pretty fun in typical Lake Superior chop.

You'll fit in them with no problem. I'm 5'10" 190 pounds and size 11 feet and have padded one of them out to fit me better, but I like a tight fit.

I'll be around all day tomorrow and if you have questions, drop me a line. I'll try and help you decide if it would be worth your time to drive up.


BTW, I have a Reval.

Good value - decent performance
In Sweden the Tahe-kayaks are sold for a third of the price of a brit boat. Hence, they are very popular amongst beginners looking for a cheap way to start kayaking. A few years ago they were sold (and rebranded) by Point65. Until last year Point65 used to be built at the Tahe factory in Estonia, but are now built in China. Tahe’s build quality is similar to the brit boats. The Mari 41 is suitable for large people. Basically a no-thrills, decent seakayak. As for speed it’s not particular fast, although it’s faster than a Carolina.

The tahe kayaks are sold under many brand names in Sweden. I think they are branded “Kaspian” in the uk. See http://www.kaspiankayaks.co.uk/

Tahe Kayaks
Thanks for the info. The sites listed are especially useful. I’m going to give them a try.