Tahe Marine Greenland T(ouring) model 20

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Greenland T(ouring) model 2010

LENGTH 545 cm (17’10”)
WIDTH 53 cm (21”)
CAPACITY Approx. 135 kg (298 lbs)
COCKPIT 82x45 cm (32¼”x17¾”)
WEIGHT Fiberglass: 23-25 kg (42-46 lbs)
Carbon/aramide: 22-24 kg (40-44 lbs)
Semi-carbon: 17-19 kg (33-35 lbs)
Front: round hatch 24 cm (10”)
Day hatch: 15 cm (6’’)
Rear: oval hatch 44x26 cm (17”x10¼’’)

Retractable skeg


So …
it’s a little wider, has an elongated cockpit, a day hatch and capable of carrying more weight. Any idea if front and rear deck height increased?

Too bad
they did not leave well enough aloe and just keep the hatches and cockpit as they were. If they raised the fore and back deck it will just not have the appeal or the qualities that make it such a nice boat for GP fans. Of course it might have broader appeal and they are in business so can’t say its not right in the grand scheme.

No changes to the Greenland
The Greenland from Tahe has not changed. The “Touring” version is an additional model with more capacity and fits bigger paddlers.

The original however remains the same. In fact, I may pull one of my Greenlands off the rack this afternoon and go for a paddle on Lake Superior.

Cheers…Joe O’


Yes, but

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I think they should have kept the same cockpit and hatch layout for the larger "touring" version. There is nothing wrong with the original layout and it would have made the larger version a very neat boat for those around 150# and more who want to use a boat for GP playing and weekend trips. The Greenland is just a bit small for weekend touring if you are say 175#. Also, a day hatch is a real pain when using a GP on the rear deck for balance, etc.

Joe, does the greenland still come in single colors (black/white/grey?) or is it this two tone the only option?

yes and no
They are no longer being built in solid colors unless a dealer special orders one in solid color. So they will not be readily available in solid color but it is doable with lots of advance notice.

Where are you located by the way? I still have a couple of black ones right now.

Cheers…Joe O’


not ready
Joe, I’m not near you, and not ready to buy one yet. It is on the list of kayaks I am interested in for the future. Shame they went to the two tone. It is not a good look!