Tahoe Area - Can I try your boat?

I never thought about actually asking on the internet but since someone else did, I guess it’s okay.

I’m in the market for a 16 to 17 foot boat that will give me better performance that what I have now (Necky Zoar Sport). I an 6’1" and 200# to 210# and I’m thinking of something like the poly Tempest 170.

Anyone have a 17 footer that I could try just to get an idea what a longer narrower boat feels like? Any time on any day is fine.



EnviroRents in Kings Beach

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has the T170's open year round or Call Bob at Kayaks ETC in Reno 775 849-2714
I'd let you try my Khatsalano or Nordkapp but I am exiled to OC for another year or 2

Hey Chuck,
since you are in exile send me the Khat and I will take very good care of it. thanks for the shaft btw. (wait…that sounded wrong…)


I knew Chuck was
into you for something Paul - but I had no idea!! I only hope it was a slender GP and not a Euro!!! :wink:

Paddle on…ouch!!!

Actually planning on using the Khats
and my Wepper quite a bit more this coming winter. Sorry. But if you take your kids to Disneyland or head out this way for The American League Pennant Race, let me know andyou can take her out.

it was a Toksook. Now back to your regularly scheduled thread.

Tahoe City Kayak
Are nice folks, and they have a good variety of boats for you to try out…