Tahoe Bliss bamboo deck damage

Curious if anyone is experiencing damage to the decks just forward of the foot area where the deck curves up away from the black rubber.

Your post is interesting me. I have a Surftech Generator with a bamboo deck and it cracked right where you describe. I am POSITIVE the board suffered no trauma to cause it, I just noticed it one day. I wonder if the two boards come from the same factory?

While repairing it
I pulled up a triangular section and was impressed with how little glass is on the thin bamboo veneer. The linear grain will naturally split lengthwise so it should have unidirectional glass underneath going at right angles but light unidirectional cloth is probably a lot more expensive.

Does your board have a flat deck or one with a lower foot area where the deck curves up fore and aft? I wonder if there’s more glass under the foot area and cracked area has less glass.

recessed area on my deck, just a typical surfboard shape. Mine cracked across the grain. I had it sanded down to the wood then had a extra strip of glass epoxied over the crack. Because its a clear coat there is an ugly scar on the wood but it should be as strong as new.

wood lams
I was one of the first aSurftech dealers in the country. When they cam out with the wood venneers on surfboards about 15 years ago we jumped right on em because they looked so cool. What we found out after people aatrated having problems was that there is no glass over the wood. They only aplied a hot coat of resin over the wood. The actual glass cloth is under the wood veneer. Because of problems with water getting into the wood fibres and causing further delamination and dificulty of repairs we now recomend that people buy wood just for wall display. Now Surftechs are made in Thailand by Glabal industries. Most of the wood SUP’S on the market are not made by Surftech but are made in China by a handfull of companies without the experience of Surftech so you will be hearing more and more about problems with wood. It does look great however.