Silver Beach, Lake Michigan, Friday evening during recent heat wave.

Pretty shot, but I can feel the humidity just looking at that photo. Forecasters were off up here last Saturday, calling for temps in the high 80s. Was 61F; glad I was wearing a drysuit. Sunday was hot, humid and made me wonder how paddlers down south handle such weather. Acclimation, I guess.

Thankfully back to normal now, with highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s. Nirvana.

We paddle early or late. Regardless, it takes some acclimation.
Paddled a lake a couple of years ago, temp in the 90s, no breeze, sun baking, it was like paddling on a hot frying pan.
All you can do is hydrate , stay wet, and get off ASAP.
I prefer rivers with lots of shade during the dog days.

Even when it’s over a hundred here, it’s usually comfortable out on the water,

Central Florida is blessed with many shady spring runs where it’s quite comfortable paddling. Loading the boats in the parking lot afterwards, not so much!