Tailwind Paddle

Anybody out there tried the “Tailwind” design paddle blades from Bending Branches? Are they really dripless??

I am also in doubt if a wood paddle really holds up to the abuse that kayak paddles end up going through in the long run. I’m pretty sure that it will need refinishing every now and then, but I spoke to people who feel that they are actually sturdier than the composite ones.

At about $160.00 brand new the price is atractive.

Branches Tailwind
We have two Evening Blade Tailwinds and love em. The dripless feature does work but really is only a plus for paddlers in bigger open cockpits without skirts who are always soaking wet. Durability? Ours have been in constant use and look great. I thought I’d have to re-apply exterior finish but it’s way tougher than I thought. Can’t beat the feel of wood and it warms to the hands on cold days. Because the back of the wood blades don’t have a “spine” I find it easier to do a lot of control strokes and look smooth doing them! Yeah they’re a little heavier but still light enough to make most paddling enjoyable.

I found out that they are hand made now that Branches is no longer making hockey sticks. Lotta value there…

I have their “Impression” paddle…
… I have the BB Impression Paddles, with the Day Blades. I have used them for 2 summers, and still look like new. The rockguard tips do take a beating too.

… I enter and exit my cockpit by putting the paddle behind the cockpit, and put the tip of the paddle on the shore, or the cement bopat ramp. My 270 Lb weight puts a strain on the shaft and furrels, and I have not had any problems. They are still tight. Most people put the back of the blade down on the ramp surface, but I put the tip down to protect the finish of the blade. The blades have held up tp this abuse with no problems.

…I think Bending Branches makes a nice paddle for the money. They are strong, and hold up well. If you like things made of wook (like I do), you won’t go wrong buying whatever model you like from Bending Branches. They are nice people to deal woth too if you have a question or problem.

Happy Paddling!