Take Apart Carbon GP

Maybe old news but was news to me.

Superior Kayaks is now offering their carbon GP in a 2 piece design…I know many have asked/begged/pleeded for it and its now on their website. Others would like to make their own, but for those of us who do paddle beyond that 200 foot barrier, and for those who forget their paddles (you know who you are), this is an option for keeping in the trunk or back seat.

The Lendal lock
certainly solves the mating problem nicely. Considering all the hand sliding common with GP’s a protruding button would have been annoying.


plus the Lendl lock
has a proven reliability…i used to hate the thought of having to have the paddle key but if it gets a take apart GP in the quiver then i’ll accept it…an extra key here and there will prob. be a good idea.

Freya’s got the word out on it:

from Superior Kayaks:

I’m more excited about this paddle than the new boat coming from AUS

Leave my paddles at home one time and I have to listen to this for how long?


400 plus dollars? Now that I am starting to build my own SOF’s that is another boat or two!

As a spare paddle, that you would want to keep in a hatch which really would make it a third paddle if you use a gp and a storm on your deck, does NOT justify the cost at all.

I am going to make a wooden one with a ferrule for those occasional times when my wooly head forgets the gp’s and I at least have something other than my er… to go paddle with.