Take Your Cat Kayak Camping?

Does anyone take their cat paddling and camping?

I’m just wondering if it is even possible. Seems that many camps are on small islands which would be no place for a cat to get lost. Will it just explore the island and come back to eat? :slight_smile: sorry for the goofiness of this question.

cats are neat prey
meals in Maine. Islands are stepping stones for larger animals that swim.

Unless its a feral cat or barn cat it stands no chance.

I have had cats escape outdoors. The neighborhood fisher has had a couple of meals.

if you are lucky how good are you at getting a cat out of a tall pine?

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I don’t think a cat would be comfortable
with such an adventure, unless taken on car trips and boat trips very often from kitten age. Note how even outdoor cats don’t come trotting along voluntarily when you walk in your neighborhood.

As for fishers, I wish one would have come along and eaten the squirrel who was such a table pest in our Androscoggin campground.

We are crazy
But not that crazy. Our aging cats have come on vacation to the rental cabin in Maine for years as they aged and due to meds or overall frailty were shaky to leave away from us. If we get down to one or two they’ll both come to make life easier, old or not.

But they stay INSIDE even there. Aside from the issue of transporting a cat in a kayak - there just isn’t a safe way - kayakmedic is right. Any cat that is cozy enough with you to be able to carry in a paddle craft is a nice meal for many wild animals.

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I have heard of cats that like
to ride in a kayak…but would advocate you also carry a soft sided cat carrier for camp and a harness and leash so you and your cat can explore the island together.

Of course if it is the size of a Maine Coon Cat and with the temperament of one (they can fend off some predators) all bets are off.

Maine Coons
Well, the only two we’ve had would just purr a predator to death… I suppose it’s a city cat thing. :slight_smile:

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camping kittys
We take our cat up to the 1000 Islands all the time. We have a cottage on an island & own nearly 5 acres. Fields & woods are ajacent to our property. He enjoys roaming free-as he is not allowed out while @ home in the neighborhood in which we live. He travels via carrier in the car & then by boat. He then has free reign while we are there. He tends to hang close to home & sleeps in or under the house. Not sure if I would take him camping in a tent purr sa(had to say it)or put him in a kayak. I think that would throw puss over the edge.

sure. feed the coyotes
Why would you bring your cat? Do you really think the cat would care?

It might even want a break from you!

Our cat (Norwegian Forest Cat) spends more time outdoors. It comes home to eat or to warm up or to take a nap. It comes home a few times during the day but won’t stay too long if the conditions are good outside.

So I think it would stand a good chance to survive. I would not let the cat into the tent, however.

My advice would be to get a harness for your cat. That way, if the cat jumps or wants to wander, you can grab the leash. It is something your cat would have to get used to, but it’s safer than just letting it loose. I’ve even heard of people walking their cats (harness and leash) believe it or not. I think it would be funny to see a cat with a little life jacket if you took it kayaking. Anyway, who knows, there’s even a video on youtube of a cat that goes scuba diving and swims in the pool!

I was thinking more of the third

I bet your cat can climb trees lots better than you can and can sit on much smaller branches! Most sane cats will go UP when stressed.

I would hate for your cat to post that you got hurt falling out of the tree that he/she hid in.

It would be even funnier
…to get it a floppy wig, a bushy fake mustache and musty wool sweater and dress it up like derek hutchinson.

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Only on Halloween

For all the reasons stated above. We live in rural Iowa and have had cats fall prey to coyotes.

However, we did have one cat that loved to kayak - but only on our pond. That was in the BSC (before solo canoe) days. He would sit on the front deck of the kayak and survey his domain as the kayak was paddled around our seven acre pond. If he was outside and we took off in kayaks without him he would get very pissed and swim out to catch up to the kayak.

Here’s one cat in a kayak

Here’s another:


I say take all the cats you can find &…
Let them get lost on an island! OH OH!! How about Bikini Island??

That would be a great spot for them. I have a cat that roams our neighborhood & so far it has killed six birds & two rabbits out of my yard. I am going to send that cat to an island in the sky via my Remington 870 12ga shotgun.

The only question I have is:

Should I take the collar back to the owner & say I found it or should I bury it with the worthless P.O.S.?

Cats are the most worthless pets imaginable to mankind.

Paddle easy,


Update on status of cat to follow…

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if you have it leash trained. Dogs have masters, cats have servants.

I like cats, but they don’t exactly come when you call.

cats, taste like…
they tell me that cats taste like chicken :slight_smile:

The difference between dogs and cats
The dog says: “He feeds me, gives me plenty of water, and a safe dry warm place to sleep. He must be God.”

The cat says: “He feeds me, gives me plenty of water, and a safe dry warm place to sleep. I must be God.”

2 Maine Coons
We just added 2 13-week-old Maine Coon kittens to our pack along with our Newfie pup Orka.

Timely thread – Maine Coons love water, and we’re wondering if our 2 male littermates would like to go kayaking with us.

Planning to train them with walking harnesses. Will post when / if the kayaking with them comes to fruition.