Take your kayak to work day

My office is a lot closer in proximity to places to paddle than my house. I’d really like to take advantage of this, instead of driving home after work every day, grabbing the boat (it’s a Heritage Featherlite 14’), turning around and driving back. Clearly people take their boats on long trips, and I know it’s likely that the oilcanning damage will be reversible - how much damage am I really going to inflict on my kayak by strapping it to my car in the morning and then letting it sit there, in an uncovered parking lot, for 9 hours? Is it enough to just loosen the straps and cover it with a tarp? Or should I just resign myself to making a decision between less paddling/increased fuel expenses?

I’ve taken
my kayak to work a couple of times and left in on the roof in the parking lot. I use J cradles, so I just loosened the straps, and I parked under a tree for as much shade as possible. Haven’t seen any adverse effects yet.

Just be sure to retighten the straps before driving away!

loosen the straps
and you should be fine.

all of my boats are stored outside regularly with no cover and ive not seen ANY probs with sun damage as far as fadin/warping.

Awesome, thank you!

Thanks for your input!

Do it all the time
on my trailer. Shouldn’t be any difference. Of course, the straps are snugged down, but not so tight that they deform the plastic.

Dont forget

Rotomold sun damage
Recently, a friend’s WW kayak cracked out when hitting a bottom rock in a very slow current. We determined that it wasn’t the hit it took; it was that he routinely “stored” his boat upside down, uncovered in the back of his truck. The sun had weakened the plastic and his boat was toast… Don’t store RM boats outside and uncovered in direct sunlight with protectant.

i better take my boat to work
it’d be pretty hard to teach kayaking otherwise

kayak and parking garage
I take mine to work on occasion, and park on the roof of a seven story parking garage. It is an amazing sight, as if it is flying over the city. Haven’t had a problem, but I checked the height of the parking garage ceilings first!

Friday night night smart aZZ
If you could put racks on the wall in your office it would be great to hang it for a coversation piece.

Yea, it’s Friday night and I’m going paddling in the morning so I’m wound up.

Thought this would be good for a laugh cause I don’t know anything about a kayak that isn’t rotomolded. My poor Kestrel stays outside in the sun stored on its side 365 days a year and has done so for 2 1/2 years and is still ticking. Of course I use it 300+ times a year.


9 hrs.
put some 303 protector on your boat and it will be ok on your car for along time. 303 is a sun block . Vaughn Fulton