takign US kayaks to Ontario Canada

Are there any things I need to take and use 5 plastic yaks from Illinois to Ontario, a license, sticker etc…?

Thank you!


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Not an issue, but you should have

We’ve taken canoes into Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia on two occasions, and there were no sticker or registration issues whatsoever.

The new passport requirement is a PITA.

Iam in Buffalo NY I was up in Canada just 2 weeks ago with my kayak. In fact it was a whole group of about 17 of us. Nothing special needed. Some had passports like me other just had Enhanced NY state drivers license. Have a Georgian Bay trip this coming weekend. Canada has some great paddling places.

since you said use…see page 16 for bailer, throw line requirements

Customs wont ask to see them but on the water an officer may do so.

No registration or paperwork required for boats built in North America.

Timely post… we are going next week.

Did the US re-admit easily based just
on enhanced NY State drivers licenses?

bailer, throw line page 16 of what?

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searched bailer and throwline and get only my own thread...

I do see online a 15m line, a whistle, and a scoop or such to bail

enhanced license
Well I use a passport but have been with other with the Enhanced license and they go through no problem. that was the whole idea behind the Enhanced license.

Oh yes Canada has this stupid rule about throw bags. Tow belt setup much better for kayaking in say Lake Ontario throw bags are for white water use mainly. Dumb rule in my opinion BUT I did get a chance to talk to Canadian Coast Guard at an event I was at 2 years ago. He said if I had a tow belt they would be fine with that but that might vary on who is looking. Heck I can always throw my tow belt, lol. Heck try throwing anything while seated in a kayak. Usually doesn’t go to far.

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