Taking a folding kayak on a cruise?

Has anyone done this? I think of times that the cruise ship had stopped at an island and I would have much rather gone paddling than snorkeling or just lounging on the beach. Anyone ever done this?

Tsnami Chuck - USN

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If Chuck sees this I think he will comment. My impression was that he carried a folding kayak with him on ship. Not sure that would count as a cruise - he was a navy nurse.

One caveat is that you have the skills to handle ocean paddling.

looking forward to hear if anyone has
tried that. It would have solved a snorkeling issue on my cruise over new years. Got to Grand Turk, could see the wreck touching the shore, but needed to paddle around some private weirs to get there and snorkel. The weirs themselves were posting with “stop” and “no trespassing” signs. The down side is the extra bag you’ll have to check through customs. Watched a lady with a dive tank, and others carrying cases of green tea, a major hassle while waiting to board a cruise ship- not a fun way to start your vacation- it would be similar lugging a ducky.

an inflatable single might be a bit
easier to manage. Check into the packraft type products. Alpacaraft, Feathercraft and NRS make compact watercraft that are quite versatile.

Some of those cruise ships fold good.
Spindle and mutilate, too.