taking care of my backpacking stove

I’ve got this Primus multifuel stove that looks like it’s made out of stainless steal (http://www.outdoorsmagic.com/news/images/primusthumb.jpg). I’ve never done anything to clean it other than wipe it down with a dry or moist paper towel. I’m wondering if there is anything else I should do for the upkeep of its metal, like maybe apply whatever people use on their guns. Anything else you do? Many thanks in advance.

Don’t worry about it
Just do what you’ve been doing – wipe it down and store it in a dry place. Other than using good clean fuel (and pouring it into the stove through a metal mesh filter) it won’t need any special care. I would not use any gun type cleaners or polishes – you don’t know that effect buildup of such stuff might have on the parts, particularly gaskets.

I’ve had my first backpacking stove since 1972 and it and two other stoves almost that old still work fine despite a good bit of hard use and benign neglect.