Taking the Kids down the Suwanee

I remember paddling down the suwanee some 25 or so years a go as a kid, and stopping by several springs. I’d like to do the same for my kids now, but its been so long, I dont know the best place to go. It looks like the lower suwanee canoe trail is the least crowded and most scenic area, but I cant find details about springs, and perhaps an overnight campings spot. Can anyone help?

White Springs
I like the section from White Springs to Suwannee River State Park. I think it’s the most scenic, and powerboaters aren’t a problem. There’s several good spots for camping along the way. I’m trying to sweet-talk a few days down there out of my girlfriend right now.

Be sure to check the water levels. Low water opens up some nice sandbars to camping, and exposes a lot of small springs that you’d never notice in higher water.

These folks may be of more help:




Whitesprings outfitter…
I’m sorry I can’t tell you the name of the company (I didn’t organize the trip) but a 4-H group I was involved with took a group through several annual trips all the way through the Okeefeenokee and down the Suwanee. They did it in stages… a new leg of the trip each year. I know they used the same outfitter each time and that they were located in Whitesprings.

They’d provided info about the trip such as places to camp, portage spots, take out points… pretty much everything the trip organizers needed.

I’m sure you could find local outfitters with an internet search.


Florida Springs
You might try www.floridasprings.net

They are selling a map and guide


Three kayakers…

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went for a kayak camping trip along that very stretch of river. They were only going out for the weekend. They never returned and no trace was ever found. On quiet nights of the full moon you can hear their screams, "Rudders and sponsons are for wimps" :O