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I’ve purchased several of Talic’s kayak storage solutions over the years to store my boats. Has anyone out there had any experience (good and bad) with their customer support (i.e. spare parts, questions, etc.)?

Thanks in advance.

Tim and Jeanne
Have you called Tim and Jeanne at Talic with your question? 800-843-3307.

Try that first.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY



You want support? Buy Talic racks for
human storage.

Minor issue
I was less than impress with the design of some of their products. It did not affect use but represented sloppy work and I asked if it was possible to get a proper fitting part. The reply was basically “tough.”. Their customer service did not impress me.


They’re Great!

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Well, that's my opinion anyway. But I am a little prejudice. The person that's in charge of answering the phone at Talic is my wife and I happen to think she does a great job. : ) She's very friendly, knowledgeable and her main objective is to make the customer happy. We do all that we can to support our customers. You won't find spare parts on the website, so call. We'll be happy to send you what you need. If you need to return an unused product we don't ask any questions. It's no hassle. Of course that's pretty easy to say. I think in all the years we've been in business, less than 1% of our sales have been returned. You can call us anytime.

Tim Tucker, Talic, Inc.


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I believe that the issue here isn't so much sloppy work, but a difference in opinion over a design feature, more specifically the webbing that is gathered at the front of the Tilt and Condo racks. While I don't see it as an issue, (I actually thought it looked kind of cool myself) several people have commented on it. And because of this I have redesigned that part. It is still in prototype stage, and should be ready to ship in a few months.

Tim Tucker, Talic, Inc.

Thanks for…
…the response Tim. I’ll definitely give your customer support area a call today. I tried several times to post a question on your website as well as send you some email questions but I received no response.

It’s funny how a simple post on a widely read kayaking forum will illicit a response.

I guess responding on the Internet via email or your website is not part of your business process but Forums and voicemail are. That’s good to know.

Kind regards

I’m surprized you didn’t hear back from an email. We get them all the time and answer them as quickly as we can. When you call Jeannie, tell her about it and maybe we can find out what the problem was. I hope we can resolve that right away!

Tim Tucker, Talic, Inc.