Talic Kayak Condo

Anyone have experience with these storage units? I need to stack two boats in a limited amount of vertical space. Thanks.

Talic Kayak Condo
I have a two unit and a one unit condo. My review and many others can be found in the product reviews.

I found it first class in every respect. If you have any specific questions, I’ll answer them.

Talic condo
I’m very happy with my 3 unit Talic Condo.

Well built and super-easy to install/use.

Have the double and the triple. Well worth the money. See my review.

I don’t have one, but
I’m typically a do it yourselfer, hobby woodworker and I built my own version of these for outdoor use on the side of my shed.

But after looking at their website, I’d have to say you’d be hard pressed to save much money going to the time and trouble of building one of these yourself. Even with all of the tools and skill to do these, I’d think twice before I did it again, considering how inexpensive these are compared to the quality it looks like you get.

Good luck.

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Ten points x six reviews = superb product.