Talic Out Of Business?

Did the company go away? I can’t get to the website; one of my browsers returns a security alert that the site is being spoofed. And I notice they don’t come up on a Google search when you search for “kayak racks” anymore.

I just regained control of one wall of my garage for boat storage and was interesting in their racks, particularly the one that folds up. It’s nice looking, but if they are OOB I’ll just get one of the Suspenz models.

Freestanding aluminum stands or the wall mount cradles?

Good question on Talic. I’ll do some checking.

Aiming for something like this, where boat is supported by webbing

I just thought this looked a little nicer than the Suspenz but it’s not the end of the world.

I have a couple of these hanging about that need a good home. Drop me a line if they’d work.

Talic has been out of business for several years. If you do an online search for kayak storage dozens of solutions come up, both purchasable and DIY.