Talic Storage Racks?

Now that I’m pretty sure I know what car rack I’m gonna get, I have to figure out the garage kayak storage solution.

I need something that won’t take up a lot of space horizontally, i.e. I only have a one-car garage, albeit a fairly wide one.

So far, I’ve been intrigued by the Talic Kayak Tilt model:


Anyone here have experience with Talic? Good solid racks, decent customer service? Yes, no, maybe so?


I can’t think of a good reason to get an expensive rack. The strap loop things for twenty dollars work fine. For my expensive boats I just put some back up pieces of wood underneath it in case the straps break.

I’m sure those talic things work fine, and I would have them if I stored my boat where it needed to look good.

Ryan L.

I have a rack in my walk out basement
and we live on the shore of a small lake. They attach solidly to the wall and stay solidly attached. They hold kayaks well and it is easy to put the kayaks on them. There are other systems (like straps) but I am only reporting that the racks work well.


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I'm starting to sound like Coffee....

But seriously, $90 for a couple chunks of wood, some screws and a bit of strap?

I made mine from a garbage picked bed frame, about $4 worth or hardware from the local hardware store and some left over minicell foam.


I like mine!
I’m usually a real tightwad paddler, too, so I must have bought my Talic rack during a month when I had more money than time.

I have their Kayak Condo (holds three kayaks against the wall), and it assembled very easily and has proven to be quite sturdy. Now that I’ve forgotten how much I paid, I have no regrets.



Elbow Grease
Almost hate to type this, but I made my own talic-like racks with some extra wood, strapping and hardware I had in the garage.

Took me a couple of tries to get the horizontal measurement right, but side by side you’d have a hard time telling mine appart from the real thing. Only cost me an afternoon and I did it with a hand held jig saw and my cordless drill. I’m anal so I actually sanded mine as well.

Which rack?

Works very well
If you’re good with DIY projects and have the time you can get creative.

If you want to quickly install a slick finished rack that works extremely well then yes, go for it. The kayak condo tilt is excellent. I’ve used them, the freestanding racks with the Penobscot and Acadia sport sling cradles for years on my showroom floor with a variety of kayak and canoe shapes.


See you on the water


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Talic singles are on sale
at Austin Canoe and Kayak - its not the tilt but looks good.

Personally, we broke the bank quite a few years ago and got awesome metal stands (3 on each) from Suspenz and love them. They were worth the money to us. (As I am still waiting for 6 years for my railing for the stairs, I figured i couldn’t wait to have a nice rack built !)

Talic Racks

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I have the Talic Kayak Condo and it works great, no regrets at all.
A little pricey perhaps, but worth the investment for my use.

Talic racks - work okay but…
The Talic racks work fine but I was disappointed in the workmanship. They are solid but they have a 2" strap supporting the kayak while the hardware for holding it is for a 1.5" strap. Yes it works but it is sloppy and I don’t expect to pay top dollar for sloppy design. Did I send them back. Heck no! They are only in the garage after all.


Thanks everybody for all the info…
Much appreciated. =]

I think I’ll be givin’ the Tilt model a try. The small footprint (17" depth) should be good for my one-car garage.

I just put mine on the floor
supported by a couple pieces of discarded carpet.

A while back, I saw a Kayak Condo for sale as reasonable price. Almost bought it. But then I realize the height of the kayak, once on the rack, will get hit by the car door each I I get in and out of the car! Ooops!

So for the time being (I’ve only got 1 boat), it’s “staying low” near the floor, and out of the way of car doors!

If I ever get a second boat, it’ll have to be hung from the roof (above the car)