Does anyone have any experience with the Talic Kayak Condo? I’m moving into a new house and would like to update my kayak storage routine for my two 16.5 foot sea kayaks (1 glass, 1 poly). Any insight would be appreciated - I can’t find any local dealers that carry them.

See my review.

Had mine for a year. If you are a Paddlig.net Paddling Perks member, you can buy online and save I think 15%, which basically offsets the shipping charge. So, they are about $100-$115 for storing three kayaks. Easy to put up and neat looking. I have three 60 lb each plastic yaks on each one and no signs of failure in a year.

Good luck.

PS www.talic.com

But first scroll through the Paddling net perks discount tab at the top of this page to locate the deal code (if you are a PPerks member. If not, what are you waiting for?). :slight_smile:

I love mine
I’ve got a double and a triple hanging on my garage wall. Easy to install, very sturdy, well designed. Well worth the money.

I have 2 single condos
mounted one above the other on free-standing 2x3 studs in front of a brick wall, high enough to park my car (with roof rack) under the lowest one. I move the boats from the condo to the roof rack below one end at a time, very simple.

So far, one year + with no worries. I guess you could make your own rack, by they’re nicely made, so why bother? By the way, the arms fold up if there’s no boat on it, which can help prevent whacking yourself in the forehead - not that I’ve ever don’t that, mind you…

and a set of seahorses.

Products are excellent.

Highly recommended.


One opposing thought, mikele

Here’s a classic Pnet thread about Talic Condos. Original poster mentions they are bunk, and gets nailed accordingly by many Talic advocates. You can, by reading this thread, see the positive thoughts of many. This archived Pnet thread soundly answers your question.

Good luck, friend.