talkin to the nephew this eve. ....

… already thinkin about Walleye again in the upper Potomac . Still too early but thinkin and anticipating .

Nephew says we should go hit the Peach Bottom discharge again soon … probably will .

Harrisburg, PA. outdoor show soon to be here too .

Good luck.
It would be nice to cast a fly this weekend.

  • Big D

we’re probably going to start …

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...... in on them (Walleye) this Mon. or Tues. , wish us luck over the coming month (expecting 4 trips) , cause we ain't too experienced at this yet , but definately learning the way of the river Walleye .

We were going to the PA. show on Mon. , but the whole show just went down the toilet ... everyone is boycotting the show's organizer (Reed) , including all the sponsors and vendors in all the booths .

It's not a matter of whether you give a damn or not about MSR's (modern sporting rifles) ... it's a matter of your 2nd admendment rights to bear arms ... or for that matter just call it our American Constitutional rights , don't matter what the subject is . MSR's or not , that threatens them , we don't stand for it , at all !!

MSR's are legal if you choose to own one , so by the organizer (Reed , a UK co.) telling the vendors at the show that they (Reed) are banning the display or sale of MSR's at the show ... everybody said BS , a UK company telling Americans they can't exersise their legal rights in their own country , we will boycott the show and Reed to let you know we won't tolerate that kind of crap , especially from another country (UK) .

The local economy's 44 million $$ loss from the show will be the stuff of bussiness and govt. squabble ... we're going fishing !!

Reed is one of the largest Arms Fair organizer in the world (read Tanks, Cluster Bombs, and every other concievable military weapon of destruction) ... but they also are the publisher of the most reveered Medical Science journal publication in the world , plus some other 2000 medical science pubs. ... the community of Medical Science threatens to ban Reed publications and go elsewhere if Reed doesn't break it's link to all weapon sales promotional exibitions .

Sooooo , it's time to go and see if we can start hunting up the Walleye !!

Guess we're gonna miss the Walleye fishing seminar we wanted to take in at the show .... oh well , the upper river temps. are 37F. - 40F. right now and that's prime time for the gathering of the river Walleye and their long run upstream to their breeding haunts .

Only Walleye in the 15"-20" range are legal keepers , and the majority of any caught are expected to exceed that by quite a margin this year . I wouldn't mind everyone we catch to be in the 22"-28" range , but would like to have at least 2 legals for the frying pan .

Late winter/early Spring river Walleye fishing can be seriously harsh weather wise ... but the prospect of a few good catches can tip the scales of discomfort into a ... it was worth it trip !!

Give or take Mar. 15th , nephew says we know were to go after some nice hefty Largemouth , about a couple dozen for the day ... well maybe more like 16 .

I'm not making any commitments to the Smallies this year until after the Walleye hunt is over with ... cause fishin takes time , money and commitment ... and one can get toooo stretched out chasin them all .

Things changed
The water temps leaped, as did the level. Be careful if you follow through on your plans.

the rains made the river rise , but …

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..... that was expected . Also expecting it to settle back down just as quick , as usual , maybe a couple days .

Water temps do look like they went up a degree or two , but I think that's the high water causing that .

It's the discomfort of the cold air and breezes that puts us in any doubt ... it's like 29F. right now and the breeze makes it 17F. windchill ... that's really unconfortable to put up with all day long outside .

Hopefully the air and wind will be more favorable for us on Tues. ... if it's not I doubt we'll start this week although I feel it's important we do .

Hey D , did I tell you that last year about this time right above your ledge on the right , something bit right through my "wire" snap swivel . That cost me a Mepps Muskie Killer . I don't know of anything that can do that , but it happened on a hit . Best I could figure was a large Muskie went for it and the million to one chance that it got that wire right between those upper and lower shearing teeth (plates , bones , whatever they are) back in the rear jaw area .

In my area, the river went from 32 degrees to 52 degrees with the rain. That’s more than a couple degrees warm up. It also rose substantially. No risk of flood, but not a level where I’d want to be on it. The ferry quit running for more than a week.

I’m planning to try the ramp at the ferry and going upstream this Spring. I’ve never been on the river between the ferry and Nolands. I’m eager to give it a go. My motor is slow, but steady. I can make it upstream with a buddy in the canoe at about a fast walking pace. I forgot my GPS when I made the run from Algonkian to the ferry, but based on maps and the time it took, I calculated a rough speed.

I’m looking to get a pole too, to allow me to pole into the big weed mats and cast to the holes while the weeds anchor the boat. More a summer/fall thing. I’m hoping for a good season this year. It’s looking like I’m going to have another new job (same company) by then, so keep your fingers crossed. I’ve been in touch with my raft manufacturer and they gave me suggestions on how to get it into tip top shape. It runs well with a trolling motor, but the up current range is limited. I can get from Landers ramp up to the rock garden below Knoxville Falls, but not all the way to the falls themselves.

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slim chance we’ll be …
… up there tomorrow .

I think the air temps. will be good and comfortable by noonish moving towards a high of 39F. , and the winds are suppose to be light and variable throughout the afternoon .

Should even be some new fallen snow from overnight this eve. . Probably making a mistake by not going for it tomorrow , should be real pretty with the sun out and shining .

Nephew and I talked about it earlier today , and he’s not overly excited thinking it will be very cold and uncomfortable and not even make 34F. by the high of the day , he also believes it will be windy , making for a nasty windchill .

So I agreed with him to call it off and wait another week . Instead we’re going to go finish cutting some wood on the table saw … and then probably go out to BassPro shop .

D , the water temps. at Dickerson are 36F. right now (dropped 4*) , and 39F. at Williamsport (up 2*) … were did you see 52F. ??

The biggest reason I’m not going to complain and push for the nephew to go after the Walleye up in Washington county tomorrow … are the water levels . There’s still another 3.5’ trying to drain out from up around Paw Paw and Hancock , the south fork still has a little draining left to do also . This extra 3’ of water still draining out up there would make it tough to put out good presentations , especially since we are also planning to scope out some new stretches up there … if he wanted to go I’d do it but it would be tough to get on them properly I think . In my mind , we need a bit lower and stabilized levels … we’d work up to the dams ya know , so too much water over the dam makes for some tough presentation in too fast of water .

Hopefully we’ll start next week …

Hey , best a luck with the new position (job) .

I wouldn’t want to run that far upriver going from Whites to Nolands going as slow as you say you will be . To much time running and not enough time for fishing it . My approach when in a canoe is always to launch reasonably close to the area I want to fish . At most work a couple miles up and a couple miles down . But if you just want to basically make the run from White’s to Noland’s just to check it out and see where you think the hot spots are , then that’s an ok plan I guess . I could tell what I think any time you want to know , I’ve covered it all pretty good quite a few times

In the nephew’s Jon we can cover some distance , it’s not like a canoe and small motor .