Tall guy wants to paddle

I’m 6’6" (37" inseam) and 210#, who works a half-mile upriver from Reno’s new whitewater park.

I want to learn to kayak, then move up to self-support river trips, but I haven’t yet found a boat to fit me. I need advice.

I’ve heard the RPM Max and Overflow X are good boats for me. Are there any others?

Your height is close to mine, but your
legs are longer. The Prijon Chopper may fit you, and it is designed for self-support. Don’t give up when you first try one. Keep taking stuff out, even the front bulkhead footrest. When I did that, I was able to get into a Prijon Athlete, a much smaller boat. If you want the Chopper and the bulkhead is too close, you may be able to replace it with a minicell pedestal.

Also watch for a used Prijon Tornado, bigger and roomier than the Chopper, but no longer produced.

If you insist on a “new school” semi-planing hull, you MIGHT be able to get in a Pyranha H3 255. Pyranha also makes the g3, a longer boat, faster, more likely to accomodate your long legs.

I think you would find the stern on the RPM Max rather small for self-supported trips. Also, though I have not paddled one, my observations suggest it catches the back edge easily when a heavy, tall paddler leans back. Sposed to be a really easy boat to roll, however, and while “old school,” should outhandle the Chopper.

You need to check with…
… Wes Boyd’s site for 'yaks for bigger folks


and with Tsunamichuck. He is (or soon will be) a Reno resident who simply loves to paddle. Probably knows as much about boats as anyone I’ve met, and a great guy to boot. He posts here often so shouldn’t be too hard to find.

The WW park in Reno is “way cool”, almost makes me wish I were quite a bit younger!

Have fun,


O’ God avoid the OX.
Paddled the Overflow X as my first boat. It’s a big lunky boat that should be fitted with navigation lights. Paddled the RPM Max down the Grand Canyon and had a wonderful time. Comfortable and playful enough for a bit of fun.

Am now paddling a Dagger Honcho which certainly would not do for self support trips.

Another thing…
There is a difference between park and play at a whitewater park and doing self support trips. No single boat will do both…GUARANTEED!!!

You will need to look at shoe size as well. Don’t discount a kayak that is tight around the feet…a heatgun can do wonders.

Oh come on
The OX is a GREAT OX, as in if you weigh over 220-350 and want a displacement creek boat that’s super comfy and safe. tons of room for BIG feet and wet exit clearance like no other boat.

and probably a $$$$ bargain.

I saw the OX do it’s deed wonderfully on many class V runs back a few years ago and my buddy was a mere 220.


Two Big-Boy boats
I would look at two Perception boats due to your height. The first is a current boat named the Blaze 7.3 (check out its specs at the link below). http://www.perceptionkayaks.com/new/products/boat.asp?type=whitewater&ID=66

The second is a discontinued boat named the Madness that is the predecessor to the Blaze.


Both of these boats place your legs at a knee bent angle with your ankles on their sides. I find this position to be much more comfortable especially for those of us with long legs. I’m not quite as tall as you (6’2" 215 lbs), but I own the second and there is plenty of room in the bow for legs longer than mine. Both of these boats are river boats that are able to perform many tricks. I’ve never paddled the Blaze, but I can throw the Madness around very easily. I was throwing ends and bow stalling the first time I had it in the water. Yes, they both are a high volume boats, but for guys my weight, the Madness performs more like a play boat that a down-river boat. Hope this helps.