Tall Kayaker shopping for WW kayak

Hi there, I’m 6’-3" and weigh 170 lbs. I’m looking for a used whitewater kayak to learn how to do cartwheels and barrel rolls on, and maybe something I can strap to a car for a drive. I had found on ebay, a Dagger Ego that was 7’-1" long, and the owner said I wouldn’t fit in it. Any suggestions? by the way, I was hoping I could get one for under 300 bucks, if at all possible.

Lots of boats on Gear Swap

There area number of Wavesport boats (like the Big EZ and others), Riot Prankster, etc. that are older but are cheap and will do what you want.

You’re not tall enough to have fit problems on most boats, and you’re a great weight too! Try 6’ 5", 220#, and size 15 feet and see what’s available.

Cockpit size?
is there a specific cockpit size I should look for?

where are you???
i have a big guy play boat: pyranha s8 235 for sale…you would fit it…

it is in RI…

Foot size?

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I am 6'4" about 180 - 190lb depending on time of year. I can fit in many boats if it was not for my feet. I have not tried too many, but it seems that river or creek boats like the Liquid Logic Remix 79 or Jeffe or the Pyranha Burn L are the only ones I fit comfortably in. That is I need padding as these are a little too spacious width-wise and may be a little too high volume than necessary for easy witewater, but due to my foot size the smaller boats cause me to cramp very quickly.

The Jackson Super Hero may be on your list but not mine (foot size again, mostly). Prijon Hercules again may fit you but is too low for my feet.

Neither of the above would let you do too many tricks though so you need something shorter than these 8+ footers IMO and I have no advice there - never tried shorter/smaller boats as I simply don't fit in them even barefoot...

As for the cockpit, I think it should be big enough to allow butt-first entry for safety but I'm not an expert.

Guy i know you height
paddles Jackson Super Fun and has owned a Pyranha I:3 223.