Tall kayaker with big feet

I’m a thin 6’8" with size 16 feet. I have yet to buy my own kayak, but I’m looking for a quality recreational or day touring kayak that will accomindate both my height and my shoe size. Any suggestions? I’m also willing to consider a quality sit-on-top kayak. Thanks for any input.

Try the Tarpon 160… I am 6’3" with only size 12 feet… If you can find one of the older Twin hatch tarpons, they are even better, IMHO. Anything less the 16’ is NOT a Tarpon…

Definitely try demoing. At the very least, sit in the boats in a shop.

On rec boats, many will be fine. Their cockpits are generally larger than touring. And you could even go with a double-single, like the Old Town Loon (the seats adjust, so could be run as a single or a double).

On Touring - The Necky Looksha V seems to have a larger cockpit area than many if its predecessors. Not sure if this goes all the way down to where your feet would be. On the whole, there should be enough leg room in most boats to fit your legs, but the question will be whether the size 16s fit without jambing.

sounds like a personal ad

I feel your pain, man
I found two boats that fit me well (but I’m only 6’6" and wear 14 shoes)

The Current Designs Solstice Titan GT has enough room for the biggest boots I’ve got and the foot pegs go plenty far forward to fit tbe legs. The only problem is that I find it is way to big for me (I weigh about 215)

The CD Solstice GTXL is as long as the Titan but a little slimmer in the cockpit. Fits me better. My Vasque boots fit but with size 16, you may be limited to booties.

In rotomolded (PE) boats, the Prijon Touryak has the most foot room of all the boats I’ve paddled and the built in leg braces fit tall guys really well. The Necky Eskia is a little tight even for my 14 feet, but is readily available as an ex-rental.

Hope this helps. Good luck.