Tall Man Paddling

I’m looking to hear experiences from other TALL paddlers. I’m 40 yrs old, 6"7, 270 lbs, size 14 feet.

I’ve been paddling flat water, off and on, for 19 years. I’m currently floating a poly Wilderness Systems Cape Horn 170. She’s 19 yrs old, being my first kayak, and still does a great job. But, I’m looking to step to a new level. I want to get into more demanding ocean waters that push my skill set.

Is anyone my size out there floating a composite, expedition level sea kayak?

I’d really like to know TALL stories about boats, gear, skills, etc.

Thanks & Good Travels!

Go for the best
I’m not as tall as you, but if you are looking for the best expedition kayak I know of and I do own one, it is the NC Kayaks Expedition. This boat is fast, stable, loves rough water and is a pure joy to paddle. Other than that, it is the best looking kayak in the world and it is all American made. Take a look at nckayaks.com.

You might also want to look at the Valley Nordkapp, Stellar Intrepid, P&H Cetus, Current Designs Isle, and Sterling Grand Illusion. I’ve paddled all of them, and they are all really great kayaks, but I wouldn’t trade my NC Expedition for any of them.

Relatively few choices
There are not a lot of high quality sea kayaks for some one your size. I am 6’'3" and 200 lbs and fit comfortably in few of the boats I have tried. I use an Eddyline Fathom which is designed for bigger folks but I am not sure it would work for you. The two boats I know that would serve you are the Current Designs Solstice GT Titan - a great composite boat in fiberglass or Kevlar and the discontinued Eddyline Nighthawk 17.5 (thermoform). Eddyline also makes the Danali which would take your weight but I do not know about length. A lot of the choice has to do with the length of you legs and if you are enough of a contortionist to get in and out of smaller cockpits. Most folks do not appreciate the challenge of a cockpit that is shorter than the distance from you knee to ankle. You also will be challenged to find a high enough deck to have room for your toes. Good luck in your search.



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vote for Current Designs Titan some are around used if you look or new is good to. Has length and height for your shoes. If you order one you could request pedals be mounted couple of inches forward than stock. Used you could change them also with a tad of work. Doubt anything Eddyline makes will fit you.

I paddle a Nigel Foster Shadow

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I'm 6'2 (which is a far cry from 6'7) but I've seen taller bigger guys than me fit in okay. The cockpit isn't all that long, so you might have to slide in, which isn't ideal but doable. My size 13 feet fit in just fine, and it will carry up to about 300lbs (including gear and paddler) fairly well. Over that it starts to get tough to keep a good pace.
I'd check out the P&H Cetus HV, and maybe the Tiderace Explore XL.

another possibility

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in that same $1450 price range is the Venture Jura HV (which is replacing their Capella line). Made by British maker P & H, it's designed for larger guys and is reported to have very good manners in open water. I have the much smaller Easky LV and have really liked it a lot.

Might be hard to find a dealer unless you live in the Northeast.

There's a review on here by a 260 # guy with size 14's who gives the Jura HV a big thumbs up:


270 lb.

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and then add some gear even 10 lb. you at 280 not far from 300 lb. CD Titan is rated for 475 lb.

Max Capacity 350lbs

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So it gives him some wiggle room, but the closer you get to the max capacity, the slower the boat is going to paddle.
Looks like he already has a big ruddered west coast style touring boat in the Cape Horn, maybe something with a skeg will change things up for skills development.
I'd take a look at the Tiderace Explore XL, seems to have a ton of volume so I bet it would float him pretty well. I've never sat in one so I don't know about the ergonomics, but it's on my list if I ever replace my Shadow.

Central Michigan
I can’t see where the OP is from however the Power Of Water in Lansing Michigan has a demo Jura HV on sale for $1200


CD Titan
here. Reviews in Paddlenet’s review area.

Enormous roomy hull with camping equipment space.

My feet are 15EE ( backpacking) more than enough room. BTW feet are angled not straight up.

Well made. I smash the garage door jambs no problems.

My use age is mostly tidal. With the flow hull responds n slaloms.

Hull design is responsive to fore aft weighting, down weights for ferrys in wind getting a keel effect.

Versatile, well designed hull. This one is Kevlar expedition.

Hull rolls immediately with me a non roller, using keel weights.

Pops out of green walled submersions.