Tall Paddler Boat

Looking for suggestions for a whitewater boat for a person 6’7", 290 pounds, 38" inseam, size 12 shoe. Any suggestions? Primarily interested in river running.

What class of rapids?
I’m 6’4, 300lbs and wear a size 14-15 shoe. I love my 17ft prospector and have run up to light class III (or hard class II depending on who you ask). If your doing more than that or something with narrow passes, tight turns, etc… it wouldn’t be the best choice. I can’t recommend any kayaks though due to lack of knowledge.

Kayak or canoe?

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I have not sat in too many river runners, but there's got to be something out there -;) Or a creeker?

I am only 190 lb but 6'4" with 36"+ inseam and size 15 shoe, so it kind of evens out to your leg/foot length, I think.

The only shorter modern kayak that I fit comfortably in (with paddling shoes on) is the WaveSport Fuse 64 with the seat slid back a bit and almost no foam in the front. It is a half-river/half-play boat (for my 190lb weight it is more of a river runner; for you it might get more of a playboat feel). If my upper legs were 1/2" longer, I would not fit - my knee as it is is very close to the front of the knee bumps and without moving the seat back as I have it, the knees feel discomfort. So it is close...

I can't fit in the largest sizes of the new Project X at all even with no shoes - toes are curled-in into what is essentially a weak and uncomfortable position; in the MonStar by Jackson I do fit barefoot but my butt is at the rear edge of the seat when moved all the way back, so it won't be comfy for long, I fugure.

Basically, I think there are no playboats that fit folks like us.

Of the longer boats, I think you can try the Dagger Green Boat or similar - these are long and I imagine the foot steps can be repositioned if needed. Or for something a bit shorter - the Liquid Logic Remix might work (for some reason I thought the Remix had a bit more legroom for me than the Jefe)...

I did fit in Pyranha Burn and Karnally too with room to spare in terms of weight and width (except I pretty much max them on legroom and foot room)

I am not sure how any of the above will behave with your weight and height in them. They will definitely sink down more and feel less stable for you than for a short and lighter person... 200-pounders do go paddling with 60+ lb of gear in the larger river or creek boats, so they should be able to handle the weight, but might not perform as designed ...

if a kayak
you’d probably need a 100+ gallon hull. the only thing I know of in that size is the Remix XP10, but I doubt there’s enough legroom for someone as tall as you.

LiquidLogic’s Deuce Coupe SOT can be set up in a single-paddler mode and can handle Class II-III rapids and carry up to 500 lb. The only downside is that it’s heavy (71 lb), but that’s mitigated by the nifty portage wheel. I paddle the solo Coupe (pic in my profile) and it’s definitely a fun river runner.

taught a guy who was 7’ once
He ended up going back to canoeing though… We actually found and older kayak and took all of the outfitting out of it but he was still too big. You might have some luck with creekers though.

I’d check out the Jackson Megarocker or Super Hero

or maybe new Dagger Mamba? <br />

pyrahna everest?

Not sure if they go big enough or not.

Dan Caldwell

Rapid MEdia TV Guy

Check out Fluid’s Big Bang NM

I’m 6’4" 250ish. Size 14slipper shoe. I’ve tried the remix 10 at demo day and found it too confining. My feet were way uncomfy. Sat in a Jackson Rogue 10 and loved it even with shoes on.

Jackson Fit
6’5", 230, sizee 15 foot. I paddle a Jackson MonStar, Jackson Superfun, Jackson Villain, and Pyraanha Fusion. The biggest boat in terms of fit is the Villain, by far. I have the cleat ropes pulled in about 4 to 5 inches (at least) and can swing my legs out without sitting on the back deck. The new Superhero was much tighter - I had to have the seat all the way back. Of the crossover boats, the Jackson Rogue had the most room, but I much preferred the feel of the Fusion. For playboats, the Monstar is the only one that I could get in comfortably, although the LL Freeride 67 was a very close fit and might be fine if I worked at it a bit. Be cautious of advice from anyone under 6’5" as they often do not appreciate the true difference in paddler dimensions.

Prijon might work

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My buddy is way taller than me and fits in a Prijon
Might be worth a look - Prijon "Combi 359 Tour"

Any kayak can be easily customized - if your feet fit.
Moving footpegs forward a few inches is just a simple
unbolt, drill new holes, rebolt - seal small holes.