tall person

I am looking to get a kayak. I am a beginner and don’t need anything fancy. However, I am 6’6" and 225lbs. I want it for recreational use (lakes, streams, and level 2 or 3 rivers) I am having a tough time finding info. for tall people. Are there two or three recommendations for me so I can rent them and try them out? Any help will be appreciated.

Here is a link to a web site dedicated to kakaks for big folk.


tall person
I have seen this site, but it is for people with big hinies and lots of weight. I am slender and more concerned with the leg length, and feet size. thanks

I am your size.Buy a canoe.
A Necky Zoar or Zoar Sport will fit you.

My Friend Is About That Tall…
Not nearly as heavy. Try sitting in a WS Tempest 170. He paddles one. I assume when you say ‘nothing fancy’ you want a plastic boat? I have another very tall friend who paddles a QCC700 but it’s kevlar.

limited choices
I’m 6’5" 220, also new to kayaking, have canoed for 35 yrs, but switched to kayaks in o3.

Started with a OT adventure and ended up with a CD Soltice GTHV and love it. Tracks great but turns slow. Mainly used for lakes, tripping ect. So I may have to also look for a creek, river, boat too.

I have found that getting in and out is a trick, and have the scars on my shins to prove it. Have you looked at a Rob Roy by Bell, Wil try one out as soon as the lakes thaw out. Tall John

Chatham 18
My friend’s Chatham 18 has the bulkhead so far forword that Wilt Chmberlain could fit in the cockpit. It is also a very neat boat – though maybe more of a touring boat than you are looking for.

IN the same boat
as you. 6’5" but lighter. Size 13. I have a Pygmy Coho, Old Town Castine and a Dagger Specter. I fit in all three but the foot room is maxed out in the first two. Loads of room in the Dagger but I’m not recommending the boat. It needs a rudder and cuts the water noisly. I would think that any Wilderness system or Current Design would fit as they are more high volume. Dagger Carolinas might work as well. I have been in one of them comfortably.

My 2cents


Dagger Charleston
You would easily fit in my Dagger Charleston 15. Bob

I sat in a Pungo yesterday.Plenty of
room , and your legs aren’t trapped.

farenhyte… for class 2 ++ and 3
the Prijon Chopper (old school but decent on the flats), the Pyranha H3 255 (creekish) or G3 (if you can still find one, it is out of production), possibly the Dagger Mamba 8.5 (falls between the Chopper and H3 in speed, probably will outhandle either of them).

Also, try a 451. You’ll want to burn
every book you ever read about kayaking, or anything else for that matter.

Here’s two more options…
…The Prijon Chopper is a general river runner.

Large, easy to roll, comfy. NOT a play boat.

Another is the Prijon Yukon Expedition. Built

mostly for multipurpose day trips where you

run into a combination of class3 and flatwater.

PS. I like the Prijons…
…because they do not have center pillars.

If you’re big, the lack of pillars makes them a

lot more comfortable and easier to wet exit.

I’m not that big (6’), but my knees are shot, so

it matters.