Tall persons kayak

I’m 6’7" and I’m looking for a kayak I’d be comfortable in. I’ve tried sitting in some at local stores but my knees seem to be sticking up too much.

What is the correct leg position for a comfortable ride and does anyone have any suggestions on a good fit kayak for my height?


Try a Tarpon 160.sit-on-top made
by Wilderness Systems.You want a slight angle to your knees, but they shouldn’t be more than 6" off the deck.I invented that number, but it seems about right. I’m 6’5".

What kind of kayak?
Whitewater? Touring? “Recreational”?

what string said, or get a Qcc they will move the bulkheads to fit you, however you may still have problems with the Short length cockpit rim as i do, and i am only 6’3"

Most Prijons will work for you.

Kodiak, Barracuda, Calabria, Hercules, etc.

Me: 6’8" 280lbs size 14s


Try a Eddyline Nighthawk 17.5

NH 17.5 is for a tall and …
… pretty “big” person IMO. I am 6’4" 190 lb, and when I sat in it it felt too loose: wide seat, too spaced-out thigh braces. Easy to get in and out though. The Fathom was a much better fit for me.

But, till we figure out what he is after, we have no clue as to what would work for him…

recreational…I weigh 230 and my shoe size is a 13.

Thanks for all the info so far, it’s been very helpful.

Sit on top or not?
Depending on how long a boat you want, and whether you want a sit on top or a sit-in kayak you have a lot of choices. What’s the bugdet?

I have the Tsunami 145 and that is very comfortable. It is a “transitional” kayak, meaning it has some of the touring/sea kayak properties and some of the recreational ones. Very nice boat, except it is on the slow scale of things.

Shoe size 13 is big but not as big as my size 15 -:wink: so you should be able to fit in a lot of other boats that qualify as “recreational”. In some you may need to move the seat back a notch to accomodate your height.

Just figure out what you want to do an see if the boat can do it for you and test some - each boat has its own “personality” and what works for one person well does not work as well for others…

Good Point.
I was a really big paddler when I bought my Eddyline and I thought that after dropping almost 70lbs and a half a foot in waist that my boat would be too big. I climbed in it after getting it out of its winter nap and it still fit. I’ll have to adjust the seat and that is about it. Although for some reason there is more hip room then before. Soon as I finish fixing the bulkhead I am back out on the water.