tall racks for SUV spoilers and power lift gates

Just traded in my 2009 small SUV for a 2015.
now dealing the rear spoiler and power lift gate hitting the kayak.
any good solutions for this?

Duck and/or stop the power lift gate before it hits kayak…and duck under. I load the back then put the boat on top. Then at put in reverse process. Boat off then stuff out.

My Kia Sorento does not have a power lift so no problem other than when I raise the hatch, the rear wiper strikes the kayak so I have to be careful lifting the hatch.

Shawna just bought a Lexus with power hatch so this is something to consider when I put gull wings on her car for her kayaks.

Thanks for the warning.

Empty out /load and take boat off/on in sequence that avoids it, only sure thing. Have thus far stuck with manual lift gates.

I’ve pondered that for my station wagon. I really dislike the reduced access to the hatch when boats are loaded.

Right side up kayaks are the least impedance.

Upside down canoes and upside down kayaks offer the most.

I haven’t found a solution that satisfies me.

…or I tow the trailer.

@Overstreet said:
…or I tow the trailer.

Which trailer and where do I store it and how do I pay for it?

Store at neighbours after you rob a bank.

@PaddleDog52 said:
Store at neighbours after you rob a bank.

I’ll get started tomorrow.