tall river runner suggestions

Need some good ideas for my next boat. I run slow rivers and must manuever around shoal areas. My size is 6’2 220 lbs. Tried sitting in a WS Diesel 65 and wouldn’t fit. Would like to know if a WS Diesel 75 would be okay. Also sat in a LL Remix XP 10 and it was relatively comfortable. Any other good candidates??

Prijon chopper or Athlete.


The LL XP10 should draw less water
in shoals than the other options mentioned, and it will be ok for cruising on the straights. If you’re not running serious whitewater, I would avoid all-out whitewater boats, because they sit deeper and draw more water.


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Dagger Approach 10?

Jackson has a new hybrid, the All-Water , coming out this spring.

Dagger has a new river-runner, the Axiom, coming out this spring.

LL XP10 is a hybrid, more recently
conceived and designed than the Approach.

The Axiom is pure whitewater, will sit deep in shallow shoals.

Diesel 75
You should fit easily into the Diesel 75, which is a great boat for somebody your size. I cannot hardly get into my wife’s Diesel 65, but the Diesel 75 is very comfy.

Thank you!
Thank you for responding. It is great to get good info before spending $$