tall tent

I am looking for a tent that has head room of 6 ft 2 inches. I see Timberline has one, but it holds 6 people and I only need one to hold four.

Does anyone know of a tent you can stand up in and is smaller in size than the 6 Outfitter tent?

Would also appreciate any suggestions of tents for canoe use in the 3-4 person size. Whats your favorite tent?



look into:

black diamond Mega mid/Golite Kiva (or maybe Moutain Hardare Kiva)…

that style…pack into small bags…use a paddl as a pole…big enough for a 6 footer int he middle…most sleep 2-3 easily…and you can get floors for them and also bug nets as well…

cool stuff!

or just a tarp and a good weather proof bivy/sleeping bag…


Kayak paddle for a pole and Megamid
With a 220cm paddle center pole this solution provides 7’3" of head space, weighs under 4 lbs, and fits in a 5L dry sack.

Optionally you can add some mosquito netting around the perimeter and use a ground sheet for more tent-like comfort.

LLBean’s King Pine Dome
I assume you would use such a large tent for car camping. The King Pine Dome 4 from L.L.Bean has served me well for two years (12 to 14 weeks each year in Florida and Maine). It is only two inches shorter than your stated requirement. Its design is great for extended car camping. Last fall L.L.Bean gave me a new one when the front zipper stuck; they are a fantastic company. There is a King Pine Dome for six that is 6 foot 3 inches high. For kayak camping I use a REI half dome.

The North Face Bedrock
A lot depends on your use. Are you a kayak camper that thinks like a backpacker (the smallest possible stuff) or a canoe camper with a little more room?

I’m a canoer, so I don’t get a 4 person tent for 4 people. I like to have a little space for hanging out on a rainy day or keeping some spare clothes and shoes inside. With that said, I like this tent for our family of 4. The advertising says it’s for 5, but 4 fits nicely. It’s about 100"x100" and has all the headroom. It also has a large vestibule but only weighs a bit more than a Timberline 4. It does NOT pack small, but it does fit nicely in my canoe packs.

I just looked at the manufacturer’s website and I didn’t see it there. Too bad; it’s a nice tent though not inexpensive. A google showed some sites with it still available.


Ck it out…

I don’t know if you’ve looked at the floor plan for the timberline, but they (and most others) specify capacity as full floor packing, like sardines. A timberline 4 comfortably holds 2 adults. I would surmise a timberline 6 will do the same for 4.

REI came out with a new car-camper type tent last year that is tall and sleeps 4. Forget the name–not the dome. Someone will know what I’m talking about. Anyway, it looks really nice: green and orange (like a pumkin) and shaped like a cube. I’d love one if I could afford it.

REI Hobitat 4 Tent
is this the tent?


Columbia also has one similar:


are you playing basketball in your tent?
why do you need a 6 foot tent?

need room
How many people do you plan on sleeping in the tent?

If you are planning to put 4 people in a 4 person tent, forget it!

A 4 person tent is good for 2 people, a 6 person tent is good for 4.

I own 6 tents for different purposes, and unless you enjoy the “sardine experience” and no room for gear, I wouldn’t pay any attention to the manufacturer’s people sleeping #.

I am guessing that you want the tent to be tall enough to stand in and get dressed, etc but you probably don’t really need one that tall.

Teepee style tents
Sorry I can’t remember the brand names, but there are a few teepee-style tents made. Those might do the job for you. Sea Kayaker Magazine reviewed one of them a few years ago, so check your back issues if you have them.

The best tent I’ve ever owned. Many models to choose from.



Is my brand. Sure, I’ve never owned any other, but these are well designed.

I’ve had five total, and still have two of these, since the early seventies, with lots of use on each. Two worn out, one loaned out and never returned.

Check out the factory seconds. Great stuff, and it will change from month to month.


Happy campin’


I’m 6’4" and looked long and hard for a tall tent. I gave up finding one that I could fully stand up in that didn’t need wheels to move around. I ended up with a Kelty four man that is tall enough to kind of stand up to get my britches on. I don’t remember the model and it was discontinued when I bought it.

Standing is over rated, the most fun I have in a tent does not involve a vertical posture. Floor space is far more important.

I own several tents, various brands, from a 2-person lightweight backpacking tent to a big family tent. We use Eureka Timberline Outfitters 4- and 6-person tents for our middle school Adventure Camp, and I own a Timberline 4.

I really like the Timberlines for ease of set-up, quality, and value. We had a dozen of them survive a tornado passing 1/2 mile away two years ago with only a couple of bent poles - no rips, no leaks, and none blew away. The 6-person is tall and quite roomy. But none of the Timberlines pack small or light. The Outfitter tents boast heavier zippers, and I think have heavier floor fabric.

We also have six large Eureka tents we use for kids canoeing trips which are over 25 years old. They’ve been well taken care of, but they have also held up extremely well considering the age and how hard they’ve been used by lots of kids.

We usually put one less person in the tents than what they carry for a rating.

Other than a well satisfied user, I have no affiliation with the Eureka tent company!

cYa, Jim

That’s it

outfitter tents
Yes, the Eureka outfitter models have heavier zippers and floor material. I think they are worth the extra cost. I owned a std timberline 4 for 10 years. Finally retired it 4 years ago for the outfitter model. Nice tents.

I needed a tall tent too
Can’t remember the name but I picked it up on a whim at Wal-Mart two years ago because it had 6’4" height and I’m 6’2". (paid …$49… on sale, my main reason for buying it on a whim) I only use it for car-camping at one location (basecamp) because it’s a 9 person tent that fit’s 2 adults real comfortably I picked up two aluminum army cots, floor runners (rugs) and use folding T.V. dinner tables as end tables next to the cots.(flashlight,clock, TP, change,book, ect) It’s like a friggin hotel room! Came with all quality seams and rain fly (tub floor). It has weathered a couple of heavy rain and wind events and held dry and strong. (Always helps I secure a tarp too). My reason for such a monster ?? If I’m staying at a basecamp tent I want to be able to stand up when I walk in. I don’t want to sleep on the hard ground night after night. Nobody say’s you have to be uncomfortable when your in one location for a week.

Basecamp camping has gotten pretty good over the years. All my new gear comes in handy cases that fit neatly in my wagon and pack well.

For 20 years I’d done the 2 man Eureka timberline (and still use the same 20 year old tent) when I’m just doing the one-two night weekend trips or the new location every night trips. But I’m almost 50 now and there’s just no way I’m crawling in and out of a two man tent when I’m parking my butt in one place for a week. And the best part is walkng into my ‘yurt’ head held high and being able to ‘sit’ on the cot and plenty of room to change.

But I will say, I probably wouldn’t be so wrapped up in excessive gear if I was younger. Being older and having the $ now to buy this junk make’s MY outdoor experience much more enjoyable. But I’ll still sleep on the rocks,roots and mushy ground when I have to.

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