tall wheeled kayak cart design ideas

I am looking for ideas for a tall, bicycle wheel type kayak cart better suited than C-Tug style for walking a sea kayak over side walks and streets for up to 1/4 mile. I expect to use some 26 or so inch wheels for ease of rolling and towing by hand. Will be for single touring length boat. In meantime, I will dig out my Sea Kayak magazine from Feb. 2002 with home made rig for towing behind a bike.

I built a nice one from a baby jogger

I made a couple of them and gave one away.

I got the buggy at a thrift shop for $12.

I stripped all the cloth and junk off it. Then cut the front wheel off and bolted a piece of aluminum tubing across. I used pool noodles for the cradles and attached two cam lock buckle straps, each cut in half with their ends screwed to the frame for securing the kayak to it.

Works pretty nice, and folds down for storage.

I used one in a couple of the Adirondack 90 milers for portaging our tandem canoe

Jack L

Very clever. Dumb question: can you
stash the portage cart at the site in advance, or do you have to carry it along in the boat?

In the UK, it seems more common to carry a portage cart in the boat— they have a lot of weirs to portage. In the States, I hardly ever see a portage cart in a canoe, though a good cart could fit nicely.


It’s made in your home state of SC. I’ve been using one for years to run a sea kayak a couple miles down the streets to do a nice loop from Burnt Mill Creek to the Cape Fear River. I also have a C Tug, but this one rolls easier and stores smaller in the stern hatch. It seems I use it for exactly what you’re describing, only I run a lot more than the 1/4 mile with it. 4 pins to assemble/disassemble. Sturdy, great cart. Best I’ve found for my purposes.

thanks to all
Jack - wife and I see very high quality joggers all the time at various thrift stores for a few dollars and can visualize your concept.

Others - unit will be left at launch with no need to carry aboard kayak. The Paddlecart I am sure is a fabulous unit, but I can have the fun and savings of self-made.

McMaster Carr
will have hardware.

here’s an overview: http://goo.gl/R3ZFSi

a bolt up then maybe welded carriage is a more cost effective long term project than bushinged hardwood

Machine shop could thread a solid axle for bicycle hubs.

There are design tricks - shortcuts for building a cart so reading designs a good idea.

Another one made from a jogging stroller
at http://tedhamiter.blogspot.com/2012/10/a-canoe-cart-and-more-kayak-carts.html

It was meant for a canoe that I had to sell, so the cart wasn’t finished, but you may find one or two useful ideas in the design.

EUREKA! wheelchair for cart

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I used a wide, 22 inch seat wheelchair for my cart. As we all know, cheap and creative go hand in hand. I did spend a dollar more in total than Jack. Searching CL I found plenty of 18 inchers for $50 or less. Not so on wider models to allow 21 inch hull to rest between wheels. A local thrift store had what they called "lots of parts" from which I got an intact, sturdy chrome job with plastic wheels for $10. Half can of WD40 and wad of 0000 steel wool loosened and shined it up. Cut off back support and its handles. Spent $3 more on two 3/4 copper elbows to sleeve over and unitize horizontal to vertical frame members at seat rear. Unbolted front casters and removed arms. Kept the existing blue seat which cradles hull nicely. Cam straps at leading and trailing chair seat edges and over cockpit keeps all unitized. Found my boat rides better in one direction over other and I can shift pivot point to bias either end. I put the wheel brakes back on so it will park on sloping ramps. Folds up too. Plus it entertained neighbors watching me test drive around my yard our local sidewalks.

Where there is a will, there is a way !

Now we can partner and go into business.

I’ll make the el cheapo model and you can make the high end one.

I’ll supply the WD-40 and we’ll split the profit evenly

Jack L

How about a photo?
You could post it on craigslist if you don’t have a blog or flickr or some place like that to put it.

You might be able to park it in a
handicapped parking spot also!!!