Tallahassee / Panhandle Paddle Buddies

Looking for local paddle buddies for weekend and spur of the moment paddling trips.
Weekend paddles, Multi-day trips, Stressful workday release paddles, Exploration paddles, Skills practice paddles, Sunset paddles, Fitness paddles.

Come one, come all. let’s paddle!

Used to paddle the Panhandle/Tally areas with a cousin who lived near Fort Walton Beach. Lots of river floater groups in your area. Not aggressive or eager skills practice paddlers from my cousin’s comments. There is/has been an Emerald Coast group also but I cannot find their website. Here is the only other one I know of: https://wfckc.com/

Good luck finding some paddle buddies.

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Perhaps start here?
Many organized paddling events flow through this worthy organization.

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