Tampico 135 S

Hi, I am interested in buying the Tampico 135 S. My only question is will it fit me? I am 6’ tall and have size 11 feet. I want to make sure that not only the length is right but also to make sure the depth of the cockpit is big enough for the length of my feet. The only thing that’s keeping me from getting the Tampico 135 L is my budget. Also I don’t have any opportunities to try the kayak out myself right now so anyone’s input would be greatly appreciated.

I bet it will be too small
My wife (who is 5’2 at 110#)uses the 135L as she finds it less confining than the 135S. I tried it out and found that the L is fine for me but any smaller would be too tight. I am just shy of 6’ @ 200# with 10.5 shoe size.

No Way!
Great boat but alas, you’ll never fit since it’s best for wee ones like me at 5 ft 1. I let a lot of people test paddle mine and it seems like a women’s size 10 shoe is about the limit which I think is a men’s 9?

I’m 6’3" and 210#
I had a local dealer selling me on the Tampico 140L. I sat in it in the showroom. Seemed a good fit, jut a little out of my budget. Can’t really say for sure on the comfort in a five minute sit on the floor, but this guy (the dealer) is very experienced, and very concerned about getting his customer into the right boat. He doesn’t offer a test paddle, but offered to buy it back if I wasn’t happy with it after my first paddle.

He’s in Noblesville, IN (just north of Indpls) if you wanted to drive up from KY to check them out.


Too small for me
I sat in one a few months ago. Or, I should say that I tried to sit in it. I just couldn’t fit. I’m 5’11" and over 200 pounds. I fit into the 135L just fine though. I wanted to wait for the 140L (it wasn’t out at that time) but was talked into a Necky Manitou 14. I test paddled them both. I’m not sure if I liked the Hurricane better, or I thought that I did because it was the last one that I paddled, and it’s impression was freshest in my mind. Both great boats though.