Tampico 140s vs Delta 12.10

Comparing 2 kayaks. The Tampico 140s vs. Delta 12.10.


5’"5 150 lbs. man

Adv. beginner skills

Mainly class 1, bay and protected costal waters

Weight and cost are factors

No Delta dealers in my region so shipping is a must

Used Tampico available at almost 1/2 MRSP (still will have to ship)

I realize that this is a little like comparing apples to oranges.

Relying on the wisdom and experience of the users of this message board.


Don’t buy sight unseen
if you can possibly avoid it. Does that rule out the Delta? Often you have one impression of a kayak on paper and it turns out to be different when you try it.

I’ve paddled both of these (actually the regular Tampico 140, not the S). There are some specs missing online for each so it’s hard to make a detailed comparison, but here are some general observations.

In general my opinion is that Delta makes better kayaks than Hurricane, but you will find different opinions on that. My main problem with Hurricanes is excessive flex in the material, which is readily felt by pressing down fore and aft of the cockpit. When a wave hits the boat from the side you feel the whole boat flex, or at least I did when I demoed the Tampico 140.


2 lbs lighter

More maneuverable, will turn better

The seat is pretty good

Probably better plastic(thicker and/or stiffer)

Lots of storage in the hatches due to volume at the ends (Hurricane doesn’t publish hatch volume so I can’t compare)


Narrower and longer = better speed and glide, which could be important

REVIEWS: People seem to like both kayaks a lot. One difference stands out in the reviews: difficulty turning the Tampico, compared to ease of turning AND good tracking noted in the Delta reviews.

PRICE: The Delta is $1450 at REI. The Tampico 140S is the same price at EMS. If you can get the Tampico for $800, that would be the better deal. But you could probably also find the Delta on sale at this time of the year, though not that low.

WEIGHT: Many people can feel a difference of 2 lbs between two kayaks, but you would need to weigh them both to see if there really is a 2-lb difference. The published weight is often not the true weight.

YOUR USAGE: The Delta would work for all the uses you desribe. The Tampico might be less good than the Delta for Class 1 water.

For your height and weight a great boat to look for would be the also thermoformed Eddyline Samba. It’s more expensive than your two candidates and probably hard to find used, but the quality is better than the Tampico or the Delta except for the seat.

Tampico 140L
My only experience with the 140S is sitting in it and not being able to move. However, both boats have the same hull, so hopefully I can say something useful. Yes, Hurricanes do flex somewhat. I have no idea if that makes any difference in the paddling experience. I had it out in a very confused and bouncy bay last week, and it handled well. I had no trouble keeping up with a boat 2 and a half feet longer and an inch and a half narrower. It’s definitely edgeable which will help with the turning. Perhaps a better comparison would be between the 12.10 and the Santee 135, which, oddly is 13 feet 2 inches long, and also 23.5 inches wide. It’s based on the Tampico. I haven’t paddled that one yet. No front hatch though.

I’ve never seen a Delta up close, but they (like Eddyline) have a reputation for being extremely stiff (there’s a famous video of someone hammering a Delta as hard as he can in the same spot at least ten times, with no damage). I’d love to check out Deltas, but have reservations about buying without being able to test.

The hammer test

Great advice. Thanks guys.