tampico vs manitou

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Anyone out there have a Hurricane Tampico L? If so, how do you like it? Any durability issues? I am having a hard time finding one to demo.

I have tried the Necky Manitou and liked it very much. It is a little cheaper than the Tampico, but is also standard rotomold. Any Manitou owners have any good or bad to say about this kayak?

I have a

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Hurricane Tracer. I can speak to the handling of the Tampico but I can tell you about the company and the materials.

Mine is an 04 model. This is its third season of fairly hard use. It still looks great, a few scars put if you don't want it scratched don't take it out of the box.

The company is great. If you call them the president may answer the phone. You will not have that happen with Current or WS.

I hit something last week and broke the skeg. They are sending me a new one (with cable) as a warrenty repair . . . It's a year out of warrenty! I can't say enough good things about them. If their other products are as good as the tracer you will be in 7th heaven.


I have a tampico L & my wife has a
tampico s. purchased last june and have put probably 400 miles on each, mostly rivers and some lakes. I wouldnt want to go rock crunching with the thermoformed plastic as it will crack much easier than poly boats. They’ve both been fairly abused but continue to handle it. I’ve upgraded to a 16’10" poly boat for bigger water (great lakes), but will keep my tampico L as its a great boat for smaller lakes & rivers.

I dont know where you’re located but I saw tampicos at 2 area dealers last week here in SE MI.

good luck

I love my Manitou 13

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but the only thing I don't like is not having a front bulkhead/hatch. I will be adding a foam bulkhead real soon. Also, the Tampico is a tad skinnier and a little longer too (manitou 13 is 12'6"). If I had known about the Tampico I might have chosen differently. But, there is a price difference.

I think these 2 boats are almost in different rec tourer classes.

I had a Manitou 13
and liked it very much. Probably the best all-around boat I ever had and I used it a LOT. Only negative was the hatch - really hard to get that neoprene on. I have talked to many Manitou owners since, and they have all cited the same problem. The hatch coaming lip is just too small and you almost HAVE to have three attachment points (a foot and two hands, or a knee and two hands, or some help from someone) to get it on. Try putting the neoprene on a couple of times before you decide. It’s workable, but just annoying.

Having said that, I’ve done self-rescues in that boat, turned it upside down completely and it doesn’t take on water to speak of. All in all, it really is an awesome boat. And I’m sure there are ways of dealing with the hatch issue.

I’ve tried both…
And found the Necky to be a VERY comfortable seat, but a bit sluggish in acceleration and turning.

I found the Tampico XL to be very sweet, but less comfortable.

Try them both if you can. It’s worth it.

Wound up getting a very good deal on a CD Kestrel 140, which is the best of both worlds, but normally more money.

Now if I could get my wife to let me paddle it…


Tampicos S & L
They’re both difficult to demo because, well, they sell out. Very popular here in Michigan. A number of dealers in the state are sold out of all Hurricanes by now or have 1-3 Tampicos of either flavor left.

If you are anywhere near Ann Arbor MI you can demo the L and the S at Sun n Snow. They’re a Hurricane Aqua Sports dealer & a long time paddle shop on the far west side of Ann Arbor.Demos on the quiet Huron River 6-8 pm every Thursday now thru Labor Day, maybe after.

They also have 15% on all kayaks this week :wink:

I’m a small paddler so I’m all about the S. The L was bigger but then it’s meant for folks that don’t want to/can’t squeeze into the S.

Many of my demo partners liked the higher seatback on the L (I prefer lowback, easier to re-enter) and deeper cockpit. Either kayak was a gorgeous glider. Tracks beautifully. They are both used as instructional kayaks at Quiet World in Jackson MI a very good beginner/intermediate school.

I have nothing bad at all to say about Necky or the Manitou, just haven’t tried them vs. several hours worth of demo in the Tampicos.

Have had my Manitou over two years now and have no complaints. I have found it tracks great, turns easily and has decent speed. Normally use it on lakes (fishing or just paddling), but have also taken it on Tampa Bay and Gulf when I was in Tampa visiting a relative. Had no problem with the 2-3 foot chop the days we were out.

Wife has regular Tampico
My wife paddles the regular Tampico. It has been durable, and she likes it a lot.

We bought it after a friend who had one for a couple years, reccommended it to us.

No problems or reservations at all!

I have a Manitou 14
The 14 is a well-behaved boat. It tracks nicely. Good initial and secondary stability. It handles moderate waves and chop easily. Doesn’t turn particularly fast, though, even on edge. A 17-foot Capella spins circles around it in comparison.

I like the Extrasport seat, but as with so many of the “comfort” style seats, the back is slightly higher than I’d prefer even at its lowest setting.

The neoprene hatch covers do have a learning curve. I usually use a knee and both hands, so there’s no way I could have another boater fetch something from a hatch while on the water. The good news is you will never knock off a hatch cover when doing a re-entry on the back deck.

My experience with Hurricane is limited to the Santee 116 and the Tracer. I’m not a fan of Hurricane’s seats or hatches, but the hulls are very nice–light, stiff, good-looking–and they are fun boats to paddle.