Tandem as a Solo

I have a new Palmlico 135T - and intend to use it as a solo (fishing) craft. The Wilderness systems documentation is doesn’t give me a clue, as to the suggested position for the front seat - when utilized solo. My guess is that I would move it all the way to (almost touching) the back seat. The track does extend that far and there is a locking hole at that position. There seems to be an (extra F/b track) allowing the foot brace to be relocated.

If anyone has experience with this boat - let me know if I am right in my guessing.

Good luck. I just purchased a 135T but it has been too cold in Chicago the past two weeks and I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

I anticipate using mine as a solo at times. Whether correct or not, I have been informed that the front seat should be moved to the middle of the kayak when paddling solo.

Get another opinion- I’m not sure how reliable my source is.

Move it to the middle,
slightly in back of the logo (about 6-10 inches to the low point on seat. and have someone look at the boat to see how level it is. Trim it to be level. I paddle a pamlico pro among other boats.

My tandem
is a Loon 138T by Old Town. I guess it is pretty similar. My son and I find that the boat needs to be trimmed level or slightly stern-heavy or it will not track and turn correctly. I use it alot as a solo, especially when fishing, because the large open cockpit lets me get at all my gear, and easily and quickly stow nets, paddles, etc.

When solo, I push my seat all the way back. It seems to work O.K. for me in that position. You might have to do a little trial and error, but other folks who own your model don’t seem to be complaining, so I’m guessing your chances of finding a good position to fit you are good.

Let us know how it works out.