Tandem - backup paddle?

For those of you who paddle tandem kayaks, do you carry backup paddles? Especially if you have both primary paddles on leashes, do you feel the need, since one person could paddle a two person kayak home, albeit slower? If you do carry backups, do you carry a backup for each person, or just a single backup?

A lot of the kayak fishermen I know don’t carry a backup to save space for their voluminous gear, so I was thinking if I am going out in a tandem with a partner, I’m a lot safer than those soloers without backup paddles, even if I don’t carry a backup myself.

You just identified a niche in the
paddle market for a new compact backup paddle. Some vinyl around an expandable aluminum frame, kind of like an umbrella principle, something along that line would have to work. Only needs designed and put into production to market. To be practical, a small kid’s paddle would work as a backup. Happy paddling, mickjetblue

My wife and I use our tandem
mainly recreationally on flat water. We do not carry a spare. Either one of us could easily paddle the tandem a few miles if the other person lost the use of a paddle.

Two should do fine
I always carry two paddles in my tandem, whether I paddle solo or not.

I think two paddles are a critical necessity.

I think a third paddle would be “nice” but optional.