Tandem Canoe with Kayak Paddles

-- Last Updated: May-06-11 10:27 AM EST --

I have been trying to find the best technique for two in a canoe paddling with kayak paddles.

Ultimately.. should we paddle on the same side or opposite? If we use canoe paddles, then we'd be opposite to go straighter. If there were 3 in the boat with kayak paddles then we almost have to paddle on the same side to aviod paddle crashes. With only two paddles we are far enough apart that it matters less.

I want to know what is the more efficient method. To me, paddling opposite feels like it upsets the boat less (no rocking back and forth) but my spouse has questioned a loss in efficiency (speed).

What say the experts? I want to be fast, stay dry, AND keep my lovely wife happy.

paddling opposite
would be the most similar to single blading on opposite sides of a tandem.

But I question why you equate sweep strokes with speed. If you want speed, use lightweight single blade bent shafts and North American Touring Technique.With a single blade you can get a vertical stroke that is pure power.

You don’t see downriver tandem teams using kayak paddles.