Tandem Choices

My wife and I have decided to add a tandem to our two singles. We like the idea going out for the day and having the ability to cover more area and she will be more relaxed in less than placid conditions. I have narrowed my choices to three: 1. Current Designs Double Vision; 2. Lincoln Two Lites; 3. Eddyline Whisper. The reason is they are all light weight (under 75#), not too long to handle and relatively affordable. We are looking to day paddle only and the most challenging conditions would be off the coast of Bar Harbor Maine in 2 to 3 foot swells. I am not sure how often we would opt to use the tandem over our singles, hence I do not want to spend more than 3000 to 3500 for it. Any advice will be appreciated.

there’s a joke

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about married people and tandems. As a canoeist I'll let someone else tell it ;-).

don’t discount the other CD tandem
Kestrel 170T. Although it’s classified as a rec. double and has big cockpits it might work. A friend was surprised that the front paddler didn’t get as wet as expected in waves. If having widely spaced cockpits is a priority this is one way to do it.

All good choices we considered when looking at tamdems for much the same reasons. We ended up with an Impex Temiskawa, and are very happy with it: Light weight, maneuverable, good stability but I can roll it easily, reasonably fast, and high quality construction. We got ours at the River Connection: http://www.the-river-connection.com/ . I much prefer the single, but this allows us to paddler longer, go on fast group paddles, and go out in a bit rougher conditions that we could do if my wife, who like kayaking but isn’t “into it,” was in a single.

Yeah I know
They are referred to as divorce boats. But my wife and I are best friends (after 35 plus years). We hike, bike, paddle and drink beer together and enjoy so I am sure that we will enjoy a tandem (we will still have the solos that we will use more often)

I considered the Impex but
it was too expensive (just bought two Super Nova dry suits) fot the lighter carbon (70# @ $4900) and the more affordable fiberglass ($3500) was too heavy @ 86#. I have not considered the Kestrel 170T, I might add that to my try list.

Still My Vote
for the Seda Tango in kevlar. It is $$ but contact Steve Skinner at KAS Transport/Bay Creek Paddling in Rochester, NY. He had a lightly damaged one (just a gelcoat chip) that he’d likely be willing to let go at a discount. I’d love to get it, but the extra boat till is low right now. Superb boat that does everything.

I haven’t been in it

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but two big fellows who work in a kayak shop took it out and said they expected a lot more water over the bow. It's kind of like a shallow v bottom canoe, efficient and stable. I think the challenge is that if you want a neoprene skirt the grab loop is pretty far away for a smaller person. It's a loose fit boat but if stability and efficiency is important it could be more user friendly than replicating a snug sea kayak in a smaller lighter tandem sea kayak.

Boreal Design Beluga
Theres a Beluga for sale in the classifieds here. Great boat. weight is in low 80#'s Very fast, seaworthy. Go for it.