Tandem composite kayak

I am interested in hearing about any lightweight narrow ones that would be good for racing.

If anyone(two) out there races one what have you got and can you name a few that I can start looking at.

Several years ago at the Bogey and Bacall race there were two guys that were flying in one, and just like cycling, when a gang will hop on the back of a tandem every one was trying to hang onto their wake.



Hey, my buddy is custom building a two person surf ski for some guy in Seattle. Looks crazy cool, and apparently won the first race it was in. If interested e-mail me and I’ll put you in touch. Not even sure if the guy sells them, but I assume he will?

Ruahine Adventure Duet

Scroll down for info, and web search for more info, JackL.

Nelo Waterman
My wife and I race in a Nelo Waterman, a fast and fully outfitted tandem sea kayak and excellent in rough water. We tried the Duet but it was a little too large for us. On flatwater, we race in a Kirton Mirage. This is a faster, tippier racing kayak but still stable enough for beginning racers. The Mirages does not have hatches or deck rigging. Nelo and Kirton are well known for their racing kayaks. We considered an NDK Triton, also a great tandem and fast, but wanted a lighter weight boat. The Waterman and the Mirage are both under 50 lbs. We also have a Krysna Fjord which is a nice beginner tandem surf ski.

Seaward Passat?
Not a pure racer, but a nice fast tourer.

Jack inside is a link to what you need.
Nice and narrow, turns easy, might roll if you work at it as a team.


CLC Sport Tandem
the kit is around $1000.00 + accessories such as a rudder. You have to assemble it. Stitch and glue okume mahogany marine plywood reinforced with fibreglass and epoxy resin (thus it’s a composite). So light that it is a fairly easy one man carry.

Thanks salty, but I am interested in a
SINK tandem.



That looks like the ticket
You don’t happen to know if there is anyone on the east coast with one?


I am looking for a sea kayak
that looks like a awesome downriver racer, but has way too much rocker and is too short to be fast.

Thanks anyway,


Thanks a bunch
I’ll look at those


I saw that in Canoe and Kayak,
and thought about it but right now don’t want to be tied down to boat building, (wife wants an addition on the dining area) and then in the winter we take off to Florida.



Jack, you knew I was kidding?!?

Sport Tandem

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I was around when it was "developed", first person to paddle it. As a dart-throw design (throw enough darts and some will hit the bullseye or get close) it's pretty good but like a lot of original CLC designs it never went through an actual testing protocol with the intended user. A Prototype was sent to races for photos while production was committed to but an actual process of design/build/test/modify was never done.
Those are my beefs even though it is a reasonably fast skinny double. For all the effort in making a racing kayak one might as well go all the way to eight panels to better accomodate the compromise inherent in designing a hull for wave handling/speed/efficiency/stability/weathercocking.

The ST has plenty of rocker and surprisingly maneuverable for it's length, it's tippy enough that if two 190lb paddlers aren't coordinated on bracing their gonna be challanged in rough conditons. You definately do not want push/pull rudder controls in big wave conditions with a tippy double.

These 'little' things like rudder controls you'll notice are standard on racing boats designed by racing people who sell to racing customers.

this may sound like nitpicking but if someone is actually putting out the effort to train for races and spending all that time building a 'kayak for adventure races' then it's reasonable to expect the design reflects that experience. It doesn't. But for a dart throw it's a good one.

I think the side panels need a bit more flare and the cockpits could be a couple inches farther apart, the feathercraft rudder isn't deep enough for paddling in waves nor strong enough to handle big waves.

CLCs "Team CLC" from back in 2002 had a custom CLC double using the Feathercraft double rudder and it folded TWICE in big waves. I suspect the combinaton of a big strong paddler using push/pull rudder controls AND a marginal design led to the failure.

Something the next builder/racer can discover in ocean conditions.

JackL, I don’t know anyone, but …
…about four months back there was one for sale on Pnet from the east coast. NJ maybe. It was sonething like 53 lbs! I wanted it but it was too far away. Maybe someone from Pnet will step up and say they own one.

Yeah, I was in the photographs
I’m the Rio…

Ruahine Adventure Duet
I don’t have the Duet in stock, but I have started to carry Ruahine boats via SRS – and could get a Duet for you. (I’m located in Maine). Let me know. Ray at Water Walker.

Jack, excellent that you & Nanci are going for a performance double, I can’t say enough about how good it feels when a double is moving well. I have several, a surfski and a couple of ICFs. I’d really like to paddle Doug’s Bullitt, I believe it is a stretched EFT and should do well in all sorts of water. I think you and Nanci will make excellent K2 partners, and as you’ve already stated, it’s so important to match strokes. Perhaps you’ll get a K2 and come to USCA Nationals in August in Pennsylvania, last year we had seven K2s competing, would like even more this year. Pam

Hi Pam
yes, we are excited !

Just made the flight arrangements this AM to go up and try it out the first week of June.

If we can keep it upright and we have grins on our faces after the demo, we will be getting one.

Don’t know if we will have it in time for the nationals, but if we do that might be in order if the officials promise to leave the lights on for us!

Good to see a post from you, and thanks for the encouragement.


Hey Jack, I remember seeing
a VERY cool looking tandem in the Epic catalog … not sure when, but you Guys are close to them right ?

I know you said SINK but just to mention it …

Paddled a Mako XT Tandem ( surfski ) a while back and the whole time I kept saying to myself … HOLY ---- ! would this thing be fun to paddle in the bumps … Simple, reacts instantly to rudder, stable, comfortable and F A S T.

oceanpaddlesports.com has them and probably Bruce @ Ventursports.

Hey Franklin, don’t you have one of those Duets ?

Missed my chance to buy the one for sale here a while back too.