tandem end bag opinions

Who in your opinion makes the best end bags for a tandem use canoe(read Pen 17) and why do you think so?

Voyageur come to mind as high-end bags just because they’re relatively expensive and widely available.

I’m sure everyone has stories about problems with various brands. I had a pair of NRS bags that were useless - bad seams.

However, lots of canoe manufacturers and paddle shops have their logos on air bags, so that you don’t know which air bag maker made them. Next time I need air bags, I’ll likely buy direct from Mohawk - good price.


We went with a center bag in our
Penob 16. Our gear was tucked under and around it for day trips. If you’re sitting and paddling, you won’t have leg room in the bow with an end bag. If you’re kneeling farther back, you’ll be fine.

We have Mowhawk and Voyageur. Both work well.

Voyager Bag Owner
I use Voyager end bags in my Penobscot 16. I hung a center solo seat in it and use it for sailing. I would want a center bag though if I ever needed to tandem up in it. Pam is right on as usual. The bag behind me would not be a problem but a bow person would have no leg room.

My bags are 4 years old now and still in great shape. No leaks. A little fading on top but the material is still pliable and strong.

I have the coated nylon bags. They are very good after three years use. They make vinyl bags or something really cheaper looking that I wouldn’t recommend.

for the responses seems that Voyageur has the confidence of everyone.

I have a Gaia Airbag that I got from a raffle. What is the concensus on their Quality? I don’t do white water, I just use it in case I get swamped by a bass boat out on the lake.