Tandem for small bow paddler

My wife & I demoed a Boreal Beluga tandem yesterday. She’s 5’0", and was delighted to find that the front cockpit was a good fit for her – not too deep, and the thighbraces didn’t rip her kneecaps off. Does anyone have suggestions on other tandems that might be good for small folks? And can anyone comment on the Pygmy double or triple?

Yes, we know about the reputation of tandems, and we’re not getting rid of our singles. But our 75-pound dog hates to left on shore, and my wife feels more secure in a kayak than in our canoe.

raise the seat
that will make a huge difference for her paddling comfort to not have to reach,and get a LIGHT paddle with a small blade.

Search around for a used Wilderness Systems Echo.

That was one of the things that impressed us with the Beluga – with the stock seat, the coaming was down around her hips instead of being up around her armpits like the last tandem we tried(can’t remember what that one was).

You’re right about the importance of a good paddle – she’s been happily using a small-shaft Werner Little Dipper for several years. She did demo a Boreal Aloonaq and also liked that

If you are a fairly large guy

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I'd suggest you try out a Seda Tango. Big fast tandem with the front cockpit far forward where it's narrow. Cockpits far enough apart where paddle clashing is never a problem. It is fairly wide at the rear cockpit though so it helps if you are somewhat tall for that position.


I've paddled many miles racing and for pleasure in one of these.

Pygmy double
it’s efficient,and big,I’d put her seat 3" off the bottom. Honestly I’d consider re-doing the deck on that kayak so as to make a coaming recess to bring the coaming lower. As it is the coaming sits on the deck. You might check out a Shearwaters Eider then build your own coaming recess. When the deck is all finished cut the cockpit hole bigger,and maybe re-do the coaming and spacers if needed,then trial fit an oversized piece of plywood to fit in hole for the coaming to fit.

For s&g kayaks with paneled decks having a full coaming recess is much better than just putting the coaming stack and coaming on the deck because it brings thigh braces down lower and allows for a one piece coaming.

Not large
I’m only 5’9".

The Seaward Passat looks interesting on paper because of the fairly narrow beam, but they seem rare on the east coast.

Seaward Passat G3
Just throwing this out there as a possibility esp. with the dog. The center hatch is great for dogs or kids. Not sure about whether you will need to pad the front seat or not, but it’s easy to do and the 26" beam makes this double actually fun to paddle.

You might check with Braddock Bay Paddlesports in Hilton NY about a Passat G3. He is starting to do a lot with Seaward.