Tandem help

Yes, I would like a couple of suggestions for a new kayak for me and my six year old son to enjoy together.(tandem) Both being beginners with me weighing in around 195. We will use in on a reservoir just tooling around the banks in smooth water, but I would also like to be able to use in by myself on occasions.



This is a tough question, because
tandem recreational kayaks are not going to trim easily for you and your six year old. At this point, there may be some solo rec kayaks with unusually long cockpits where you can rig up a way for him to sit in front of you. If you want a tandem kayak now, and if you want to solo it at times, look for a tandem where the seats can be rearranged fore and aft. That may be a tall order. Alternatively, you can tolerate the bad trim with the standard seat positions, or partly correct it with a big jug of drinking water in the bow.

Given that you are not planning to paddle in demanding circumstances, you might consider getting a short (15 foot) tandem canoe and a long double bladed paddle. More seating arrangements are possible. I would hope you would also learn to solo with a single blade. Your son may take to a properly sized canoe paddle as easily as he would a kayak paddle.

Look at the Old Town Loon 160T
It’s a tandem, both seats can be moved fore and aft so you can trim the boat into a reasonable level. You can also slide the front seat back enough to use it by your self. You won’t break any speed records, but it is very stable.

Keep in mind it is on the heavy side, so getting it on top of the car could be a struggle by you self.

Sounds good. I once paddled a Loon
14 and it was easy to move along and quite stable.

Pamlico 145T
Seats adjust, weight’s not bad for a poly tandem.

I have the loon 160T
Everything leo said about it are true. Adjusting trim is easy, car topping is hard.


I have a OT 160T Loon, it is as the others have said a very stable boat. I have been using it as a single and it works fine. I actually took out the other seat to save weight (7-lbs.) I just purchased a new kayak and I’ll sell the Loon for $450.00 if you are interested, I’m located in northeastern PA, Wilkes-Barre area. It would be hard and expensive to ship but if your not too far away I could meet you somewhere.

Acadia 2(perception)
I have done solo and tandom with the acadia 2.you should have little problom with it. even if the kid cant help much, you should have reasonabley pleasant paddle. i would recamend at least 240 lenght paddle with it.

Klepper Aerius2
Paddles ok solo and with some front ballast.

Pamlico 135T
We bought one a few months ago and often paddle with our 4 year old in the bow. You put the front seat all the way forward for the little one, and stick any/all extra gear (including an extra gallon or two of water) under the bow. Now, you’re trim & level. Happy paddling.

The 135 is also nice because the opening is huge. Gives the little one more room to move around, which at their ages- they need. Get the kid one of those water cannons you fill by dipping & pulling back, and they can shoot at birds 50’ away! Just make sure they know well enough not to turn & blast mom/dad. :smiley:

Some inflatables, i.e. Tomcat II or Innova Sunny, have seats that you can move around and work well (or so I am told, since we only have solo versions) for either one or two paddlers. They might be worth a look.

i have one;one of the first kayaks i started with when my son was ten;i still use it ever now and then when someone wants to paddle;ive paddled it as a single also;i added a rudder to it made it much easier to paddle in some current or windy