tandem in solo

I am crazy to try to put two adults, almost 400 lbs, in a Mohawk 14’ solo for a short, flat water day trip?

Tandemmed in a tippy 12footer…decades ago jerey, will NEVER do it again;-) I think the Mohawk is a very stable boat, but I bet it’ll still be a “nervous, twitchy(especially in wind)” ride…at best.



But that’s just my opinion.


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I don't know if you're crazy or not? BUT.....unless the 2 adults you put into a 14 foot solo are fairly skilled paddlers, it probably won't be too long before they are wet, cold, tired, pissed off, and possibly injured.

I have owned both the Mohawk Odyssey & the Mohawk Solo 14. I would never consider putting 2 of my friends into either of those to paddle as a tandem. I have friends that "could" probably make it work, but they "wouldn't" do it.

I know a couple of people I'd like to put into a Mohawk Solo 14 as a tandem crew & send them down Bull Sluice on the Chattooga.........

"Will this work"?
"Oh yeah, you'll be fine, it'll be awesome"!
"Are you sure""

They call it a solo boat for a reason.


Yikes! Bull Sluice tandem in a solo!
That’s just mean Bob. I thought Bull Sluice was challenging enough in the whitewater raft.


That was just a “little” mean…

Real mean…

Have em put in above Lost Paddle on the Gauley.

“I don’t know; do you think we can make it”?

“Oh yeah! You guys are good to go”!


“Piece of cake”!


Have you paddled it solo?
If not than you should and that will answer your question.



It’s possible
I have paddled several solos over the years with two paddlers. I first did it with my brother (~400 pounds) in my MRC Guide. That worked pretty well, though we noticed how little glide the Guide had with that much weight in it. Then last year I paddled my Bell Flashfire with my girlfriend Laura in the bow. We probably had betweeen 280 and 300 pounds in the boat. We tried some freestyle, and were both amazed at how well it paddled with that much weight.

So it’s totally doable with good paddlers, but surely the Solo 14 tandem is a recipe for disaster for less talented paddlers.


I saw two people paddling an OT 119
last summer. They were both on jury rigged seats on the floor, one in the bow and one in the stern of that Discovery 119. The wife was in the bow and facing the stern. They had been paddling that way for a couple years. They were older and they liked it for it’s light weight and easy storage, easy conversation and it was fine for them just putzing around on lakes and looking at the scenery. They liked it, but I don’t think I would.

400 lbs in a Mohawk Odessey 14 (bigger boat) sucks. No Fun.

two adults in a Solo 14
Its going to be overloaded which will leave a very thin room for margin in case of bad weather. It wont sink but it will wallow and perhaps be hard to steer. You might get away with it with bow light trim and staying ideal conditions.

I had an overload in my Merlin and bad trim to boot. A tailwind of 15 mph with rain and snow was a battle, the boat kept broaching. It was nigh on a life threatening situation. Yes on flatwater.

If you do it make sure you take
pictures. I own an Oddysey and can’t imagine paddling tandem in it unless it’s a hot day and I want to cool off.

on how short a trip and what the conditions are.

I have had myself and a friend in my MR Independence - a somewhat bigger (15’8"), and more stable solo boat. Sitting on the “floor” was a little awkward for paddling, but it was doable, trim was ok, and we had a good day.

If they wear PFDs, if its warm and the weather is fine, and thier tipping over and swimming wouldn’t be a big deal, I don’t see any harm in trying. It could work out ok, or not.

Depends a lot also, on just what you are trying to accomplish - wouldn’t be a good intro to canoeing if the experience scared them away from the sport.

I put
360 pounds in a Dagger 15 as my flatwater(ex whitewater) canoe. We have a couple more inches beam but it’s a low canoe. No problem on flatwater, definite submarine in cl. 2. I would make sure the waters warm and be open to turning around at any time. You won’t know if you don’t try. Matt

800 lb
a trio…that was their total weight.

They were trying to steal my Flashfire.

They didnt get away with it.

They didnt sink either though.

Must have been uncomfortable