Tandem Kayak choice. Which one to buy

Hey I am looking into buying a tandem kayak and could use some advice on which ones to consider. Basically I am looking for the one that is the most versatile with out beeing outrageously expensive. I live in Ohio and want to use this for myself and my 8 year old son. We like to run small streams and rivers in the summer time. I don’t see us hitting anything more than class II and that even would be a rarity. We want to be able to fish out of the kayak. I can outfit it, but it has to accomidate me helping him with his fish. We also will do some light camping trips out of the boat. Obviously expecting all these things makes for some compromises, but the what is your best fit for my need? I also do not want hard uncomfortable seats. Either good seats or the ability to make them good. Your suggestions will be appreciated greatly. Thanks Tony.

Try a Walden…
Spirit tanden ,if you can find one. Walden is out of business ,but there are some still out there new & used. They are rugged,light enough to load by yourself,stable,and reasonably fast. The have a removable ,sliding bow seat that can be turned around to face you if paddling with a child. Had one for several years until wife’s bad knees prevented her bow entry,so we switched to canoes.Great boat under $800 new {again if you can find one}.

Happy Paddling billinpa

Our first boat was a tandem

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Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T.

Check out the link:


We still enjoy it very much but have never fished from it. There would appear to be ample room for fishing gear however.

It is extremely stable, tracks straight, the front seat is adjustable, the Phase 3 Wilderness Systems seats are very comfortable and for a wide boat, it is surprisingly quick.

Most tandems are fairly heavy for car-topping and this boat is no exception.

Good luck Tony.